New partnership to boost digital infrastructure for commercial tenants

DEAS Group has recently partnered with the global certification system WiredScore to become the first company in Denmark to offer certification of office buildings' digital infrastructure. Soon investors in Norway, Sweden and Finland will also be given the opportunity.

With the rapid advances in technology, our expectations and demands are increasing faster than ever before. Businesses are demanding more and more from their office's digital infrastructure and smart technology, and the property needs to be able to meet this. For modern businesses, the digital environment of the office is crucial and business-critical. Therefore DEAS Group has taken the first step in a new partnership.

The digital infrastructure is a crucial parameter to attract and retain the modern commercial tenant. We want to offer our investors strong advice in all matters related to real estate and ensure that we can meet the growing demands of users. Therefore, we are very pleased to partner with WiredScore

says Rikke Lykke, Group CEO of DEAS Group.

WiredScore is a leading global certification system that assesses a property's digital infrastructure and smart technology. Wiredscore has so far certified over 700 million m2 of real estate.

12 Accredited Professionals on the way in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland

Properties achieve Wiredscore certification through a certification process that can be carried out by an accredited auditor, officially known as an ‘Accredited Professional’ (AP). DEAS Group will train a total of 12 employees who will be some of the first APs in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. They will be able to handle certifications and advise investors on developing future projects and upgrading existing properties to future-proof the digital infrastructure.

It’s hugely positive to see such a strong commitment from DEAS to the WiredScore AP programme. Technological change happens fast and our programme allows professionals within the real estate industry to be at the cutting edge of in-building technology design. We look forward to working with them in the future

says Henry Pethybridge, Global Director of Growth Markets, WiredScore.

Mathias Kæmmer is ready to certify commercial properties and boost digital infrastructure

Denmark's first Accredited Professional is already in place: DEAS energy engineer Mathias Kæmmer is an Accredited Professional for the WiredScore certification and can now certify both newly built and existing office buildings (i.e. Office Development and Office Occupied).

We are investing in digital certification across the Nordics to support our investors in the digital development of their properties. This type of certification is naturally related to other certifications within sustainability

says Hans Andersen, Head of Sustainability at DEAS.
A WiredScore certification can serve as a tool in the investor's ESG strategy in a number of areas. Among other things, the certification enhances environmental sustainability by future-proofing the property to avoid unnecessary renovations. At the same time, a good working environment and high productivity are ensured when employees have an efficient digital setup. And with a certification, you can report objectively and consistently on the digital coherence of your property.


Published 30. March 2022