Real estate industry leader celebrates 50th birthday and first anniversary as DEAS Group CEO

DEAS Group CEO Rikke Lykke’s 50th birthday in August isn’t a milestone she’s dreading, but rather a life event to be celebrated. Leading industry colleagues offer a few words about Rikke as she marks this special day.

Rikke Lykke fødselsdag

Lykke stands out in the crowd. The farmer’s daughter from southern Funen, Denmark, who has made a career for herself in the international real estate industry, is truly unique. Just ask any of the 1,000+ employees she heads as CEO of DEAS Group, a Nordic end-to-end strategic partner covering the entire value chain in the real estate industry.

I’ve been working at DEAS for over 10 years, and Rikke is the first CEO who has ever run through our offices dressed as an elf, rapped her own lyrics on stage and got a Christmas decorating competition going,

says DEAS employee Anne Nielsen.

Christmas decorations and fancy dress say a great deal about Lykke’s leadership style. A proponent of no-nonsense management, Lykke makes a virtue of avoiding self-importance and always leads by example to inspire her employees to dare venture into the new and unknown — while remembering that everyday life can be fun.

After taking over as CEO on 1 August 2021, Lykke managed to launch various digitalisation projects, including acquisition of the PropTech company Good Monday and partnerships with software supplier Yavica, the company Nornorm and the global certification system WiredScore. What’s more, reducing manual processes has given staff nearly an additional 20,000 hours to focus more heavily on consulting and increasing their presence among investors and tenants.

Stellar career in the real estate industry

Lykke has worked in the real estate industry at Danish, Nordic and European levels since 2004. Prior to becoming CEO at DEAS Group, she was responsible for PATRIZIA AG’s European asset management activities, which included integrating new corporate investments and developing them in European markets.

Rikke is a one of a kind and highly respected in the industry. She’s focused, intelligent and has personal power, not to mention lots of integrity, both on and off the field. Her stellar career has nothing to do with chance or luck. We got to know each other back in 2005, when we worked closely on joint ownership of a large portfolio in Germany. Then, at PATRIZIA, she was likely the Dane in the European real estate industry managing the largest portfolio.All her experience and personal skills come into play at DEAS, and I’m certain she’ll optimise that company as well,

says Lars Thylander, founder of the real estate investment and management company Thylander.

Rikke Lykke fødselsdag

Reformer with excellent people management skills

Lykke is a conversationalist but also observes with a sharp eye and keeps her ear to the ground. One of her major strengths is her ability to spot and unleash potential.

The cultural change Lykke has ushered in at DEAS, however, is what employees have probably noticed most, not to mention her goal of giving them more responsibility in their everyday work and unlocking their potential to the benefit of investors and tenants.

This has resonated throughout the industry:

Rikke has set about transforming DEAS with an energy and enthusiasm that commands my utmost respect,

says Michael Bruhn, Director of PFA Ejendomme.

Sonny Nielsen, the DEAS Group’s chair of the board, chimes in:

Following the acquisition of Aberdeen Standard Investment’s Nordic asset management business, DEAS moved into the business areas of asset and fund management and became a Nordic company. With this in mind, a little over a year ago, we wanted a CEO for DEAS with an international profile and broad experience in these fields.

At the same time, we wanted DEAS to be transformed from a top-down approach to embracing a more widespread delegation of responsibility in the organisation, as well as pursuing the involvement of and transparency for all our nearly 1,000 employees.

One year after making that decision, I have to say that Rikke Lykke has not only delivered the results but has also initiated a digitalisation journey focusing on improved delivery and service quality within our business areas.

Rikke Lykke’s birthday reception will take place on 25 August 2022.



Published 01. August 2022


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