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At DEAS we wish to operate our activities on the basis of customers' requirements and on a profitable and sustainable foundation.

Our ambition is to do what we are best at, which is to manage, service and develop properties on a socially responsible basis. Customers, tenants and suppliers, etc. must experience that DEAS acts on a responsible basis. We wish to contribute to the society and community of which we are part. We invest in the future by taking responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of our activities.

We also contribute to others being able to enjoy better conditions. Once a year, we select specific areas that we support. In 2019 we have supported the following campaigns: the climate telethon Danmark planter træer/Denmark plants trees, Knæk Cancer/Crack Cancer 2019  and Musikkens Hus/the House of Music in Aalborg.

Our CSR is also available for download (appendix in Danish). Read the CSR-statement as epaper.

  • Customers


    At DEAS, it is our desire to operate our activities on the basis of our customers’ requirements and on a profitable and sustainable foundation. 

    We at DEAS have the ambition to be a customer-oriented service company where we prioritise customer service, high quality and efficiency. At DEAS, we value long-term, mutually beneficial customer relationships. 

    Irrespective of whether they are professional investors or the Board of a small cooperative-owned housing or owners’ association, our customers must receive professional service, with respect for their individual requirements.

    Our customers shall experience us as an effective partner, creating value through collaboration, with the key objective of ensuring that our products, services and employees are available to our customers via various different channels. 

    Compliance gives documented security

    At DEAS, we attach importance to providing our customers with documented security, including via our ISO certification and auditor declarations, which can also be used in our customers’ internal compliance processes. In this way, we can accommodate our customers’ many different needs, and make it easy to be a DEAS customer. 


    Via our DEAS 24syv app, which has grown in popularity over the years, it is very simple and easy for our customers, tenants and residents to submit tasks and questions to DEAS concerning properties we manage. Simple and effective.

    We also offer our cooperative housing and owner associations, as well as our tenants, a wide range of digital self-service solutions on deas.dk.

    Digital access to data and reporting

    We offer our customers a variety of digital solutions providing access to data and reporting. In 2020, we expect to present a new setup for our customers which will deliver improved digital reporting, ensuring an even greater reflection of our customers’ business performance.

    We also offer telephone services, meetings and customised reports and, via our three departments, we are present in Aarhus, Aalborg and Copenhagen. 

    Our availability is supported by our nationwide service centre that serves customers, residents and tenants. Outside of our opening hours, enquiries are forwarded to our on-call emergency service, so that help is always available.

    Cooperative-owned housing associations, owners’ associations and property owners’ associations, as well as tenants and residents of an association managed by DEAS, have the opportunity to receive e-mails from DEAS via e-Boks.

    Quality guarantee to customers

    It is our aim to ensure service deliveries to our customers, tenants, and partners of consistently high quality. DEAS’ quality management system is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, as of October 2016.

    In 2017, the part of our quality management system that includes our Facility Service products at customers’ properties achieved ISO certification, so that now all of DEAS is covered by the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

    In order to maintain this certification, the objective going forward is to be re-certified every three years. Also in 2019, we obtained re-certification of our quality management system.

    On the basis of DEAS’ quality management system, we can provide audit declarations to support our customers’ compliance requirements: 

    • ISAE 3402 – IT Assurance Report on Controls at a Service Organization: Today, DEAS offers key customers a “3402 IT Assurance Report on Controls at a Service Organization,” which concerns external auditing of DEAS’ IT set-up, including organisation, risk management, policy, procedures and controls.
    • An ISAE 3000 Type 2 statement certification concerning DEAS’ GDPR processes was obtained in December 2019: The statement deals with DEAS’ compliance with GDPR provisions/personal data protection and the auditing of our processes, and ensures a reduced risk of non-compliance with the rules and regulations concerning personal data.
    • ISAE 3402 Type 1 Auditor’s Statement IT controls concerning the presentation of Financial Accounts was obtained in 2019. This statement is a guarantee that DEAS operates according to a specific set of internal controls and procedures, and deals with the leasing of office premises and controls in selected financial processes that are relevant to property management services for institutional investors. 
      Those of our customers who are institutional investors can use the statement vis-à-vis their own auditor and thereby achieve a more effective and flexible process with regard to the auditing, financial accounting and production of financial reports. We obtained a Type 2 certification at the end of January 2020.

    Ethical Standards for Property Management

    At a minimum, all customer relationships are governed by the prevailing framework in effect, which includes the Ethical Standards for Property Management , which have been prepared by the Management Section of the Danish Property Federation/EjendomDanmark, and which we, as members, are obligated to adhere to.

    There may be customers that we decline to work with – such as customers who are not willing to comply with the aforementioned framework. It may also concern customers who may not desire to adhere to legislation, or the intention behind the legislation, or who otherwise do not practice ethical ownership and operation of real property/investments.

    Service standards

    As a member of SBA – Servicebranchens Arbejdsgiverforening (The Employers’ Association in the Service Sector) – every year we apply for renewal of our Service Standards approval. The Service Standards is a quality stamp to assure our customers that a Facility Service agreement with us is an ethical and sustainable solution.

    The Standards obligate us to provide high-quality services and imposes a number of requirements on us, including staff training, collective agreements, contracts with subcontractors, updated service certificates, insurance terms and environmental considerations.

    DEAS achieved accreditation in 2019 and has received a certificate for this.  We expect this accreditation to be renewed in 2020.

  • Tenants and residents


    It is our responsibility to ensure secure conditions for our more than 68,000 commercial and residential tenants, cooperative housing association members and owner-occupied flat owners. Taking this into regard, it is very important to us that the users of the properties we manage receive professional service with respect for their individual needs, regardless of age, gender, nationality or status.

    Clear communication on complicated topics

    One of our most important tasks is to ensure that our tenants understand the complicated rules of the Danish Rent Act (Lejeloven). Therefore we often play an “expert role” in relation to our tenants, cooperative housing association members and owner-occupied flat owners.

    It is important for us to communicate clearly and precisely. Our ambition is for the users of the properties we manage to have confidence in the details, information and services that we provide.

    Easy to be a tenant

    It must also be easy to be a tenant in a property serviced by DEAS. In this respect, availability plays a major role. We resolve this by offering a range of digital solutions and by working in dedicated administration teams, so that our tenants can always get answers to their questions, even if the regular administrator is not available. Our service centre is also the link between our tenants and caretakers. As a consequence, tenants do not have to wait until they can make an appointment, or encounter a voicemail service when they have questions or tasks for their caretaker.

    Targeted tenant and customer satisfaction campaign

    At DEAS, we systematically measure the satisfaction of our customers, residential and commercial tenants. This is based on our ambition to be a customer-oriented service company and our business model whereby the ability to create value is based on satisfied employees, satisfied tenants and satisfied customers. 

    Satisfaction surveys give us a valuable basis for decision-making. We gain insights into what we do well and what we can do better – in the view of our tenants and customers. This enables us to develop ourselves and our services so that we can meet expectations to an even higher degree.

    Quality objectives

    DEAS works according to a number of quality objectives to measure the satisfaction of customers, tenants and residents, as defined in our quality policy. The Net Promotor Score is measured from -100 to +100 and is the ultimate measure of satisfaction and loyalty. 

    Our quality goals are:

    • The overall satisfaction among residential and commercial tenants in properties managed by DEAS must have a Net Promoter Score of more than 10.
    • The overall satisfaction among boards of associations DEAS manages shall have a Net Promoter Score of more than 60.


    Our initiatives include:

    • E-mail newsletters, which can help to simplify everyday life in a property managed by DEAS.  All DEAS tenants have the possibility to receive our e-mail newsletters, with news, tips and good advice that can make everyday life in the home easier and the tenancy terms easier to understand. The e-mail newsletter is published four times a year.
    • An extensive knowledge bank  at deas.dk for e.g. tenants and residents, with a wide range of useful advice, explanations, guides and guidelines.
    • Digital self-service solutions  at deas.dk, which make it easy and convenient for our tenants to communicate with us, ensuring effective management of cases and services. The tenants can also easily complete and sign a wide range of forms, applications and schedules digitally.
    • The DEAS 24syv app Via our DEAS 24syv app, we give our tenants the opportunity to ask questions and notify us of requests around the clock. DEAS 24syv also provides easy access to self-service, news and tips, and good advice.
    • Facebook page for associations, where the purpose is to contribute tips and advice, to make it easier to live in and be an active member of the board of an owner-occupier or cooperative-owned housing association.
    • Digital and physical brochures, such as how tenants’ rent is calculated and how to ensure a healthy indoor climate.
    • Visible signage on the properties we manage, making it easy for residents and tenants to get in touch with us in any situation, and ensuring that everyone knows that DEAS is responsible for a well-functioning property.
    • In 2020, we will be rolling out a more modern telephony solution for DEAS employees. The solution will result in tenants and customers being able to experience an even more personalised customer service.

    Focus on satisfaction

    Our ambition is for our customers, tenants and residents to be highly satisfied with the benefits and services they receive. DEAS therefore conducts major customer and tenant satisfaction surveys on a continuous basis, in addition to tenant evaluations of the moving-in and moving-out processes. 

    In 2019, DEAS conducted a number of surveys among customers and tenants for the purpose of tracking developments in the levels of satisfaction. 

    In the spring, we looked into how satisfied the residential tenants and homeowners were with DEAS and their housing. In autumn 2019, as in previous years, we measured the satisfaction of our commercial tenants, and 600 contributed with their assessment of their working relationship with us. 

    In addition, over the course of 2019, approx. 3,000 new tenants and 1,200 vacating tenants rated their moving-in and moving-out experiences. 

    Key figures from the satisfaction surveys conducted during 2019

    2019 saw a number of positive results, where the satisfaction in almost all selected parameters showed a positive development in relation to the most recently conducted surveys (2018 and 2017). 

    Residential tenants
    Our annual satisfaction survey among our residential tenants showed an increase in satisfaction in all parameters measured. In particular, DEAS experienced a positive progression in the satisfaction expressed by its administrative staff. 

    Commercial tenants
    The annual satisfaction survey among our commercial tenants showed an increase in satisfaction in all parameters measured. In particular, DEAS experienced a positive progression in satisfaction with DEAS in general and the commercial tenants’ owned leased premises. 

    The annual satisfaction survey among DEAS’ associations showed an increase in satisfaction in a number of parameters. Overall, DEAS has managed to generate a positive progression from an already high overall level of customer satisfaction.  

    In 2020, we will continue to measure the satisfaction of customers and residential/commercial tenants. 

  • Climate and environmental policy


    Buildings account for a large proportion of Denmark’s energy consumption. At DEAS, It is our desire to reduce the environmental and climate impact of the properties we manage, and from our own activities. We therefore promote a focus on the environment, in close collaboration with customers and users of the properties we manage.


    Energy savings of approximately 23 GWh

    Since 2015, DEAS has entered into an Energy Partnership with Ørsted, where energy subsidies are provided to our customers depending upon documented energy renovations. We automatically screen all projects that include energy-saving measures which are initiated by DEAS, and Ørsted then provides a cash subsidy per kWh saved. 

    During the period 2015-2019, we achieved savings, on behalf of our customers, of approximately 23 GWh via projects to reduce the consumption of energy. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of about 10,000 households. The more than 150 energy projects are distributed broadly across DEAS’ portfolio, ranging from projects in small residential properties to projects in major shopping centres. 

    Energy subsidies amounting to a total of DKK 7.2 million have been disbursed during the period. The subsidies always accrue to the individual property.  

    2020 will be the final year in which DEAS’ energy cooperation with Ørsted can continue in the form of energy subsidies for documented energy savings. The subsidy programme is being wound up, and it is not yet known what will take its place to promote energy savings among Danish property owners. 

    Climate strategy and DGNB certification

    In 2019, DEAS contributed actively to following up on the degree of achievement of energy and climate strategies by a number of customers. Several major investors have developed a 2020 Strategy with a strong focus on energy efficiency and its documentation in properties managed by DEAS.

    In 2019, DEAS obtained the DGNB Gold certificate on the basis of 1-year operating data for a newly renovated commercial property with a rental area of 17,000 m2. DEAS will participate in a pilot project in 2020 where portfolio owners can acquire a DGNB certificate for their entire property portfolios, as opposed to today, where a DGNB certificate is building-specific. 

    In 2019, DEAS developed concepts for the environmentally-friendly operation of properties to support customers who build, for instance, new Nordic Swan Ecolabelled residences.

    In 2019, DEAS worked with car sharing initiatives for residential buildings and the introduction of charging points for electric cars at residential properties. In line with society’s changing attitudes to the ownership and usage of cars, there is a strong increase in demand from tenants and cooperative-owned housing owners to upgrade residential properties to reflect this and to facilitate car sharing schemes.

    Participating in Energy Leap (Energispring) and the Green Building Council Denmark

    DEAS has been part of Energy Leap since 2016. This is a partnership between the City of Copenhagen and a large number of operators from the property sector. We are working together on the energy optimisation of private properties in Copenhagen, and are contributing to the achievement of the City of Copenhagen’s goal of becoming CO₂ neutral by 2025. 

    In 2019, DEAS further increased its active involvement by entering into a new Energy Leap, which was established in Aarhus Municipality, and DEAS has been an intermediary for existing customers who also want to actively contribute to the green transformation of Denmark’s two largest cities.  

    DEAS is a member of the Green Building Council Denmark, which manages the DGNB system in Denmark. By extension, employees are trained to be DGNB consultants, and DEAS actively participates in pilot projects for the development of new concepts for the environmental certification of properties. 

    Research and development projects

    Green initiatives can attract and retain residents and commercial tenants, for the benefit of the climate and the environment, and can also help to meet the demand for environment-friendly homes and commercial leases. We experience time and again that, after completion of an energy renovation project, the residents of our properties state that residential quality is just as important as tangible and measurable energy savings. 

    In 2019, DEAS was actively involved in several research and development projects in this field. We will continue working towards this objective with active participation in 2020. 

    DEAS is active in the Elforsk Research Pool for making energy savings under Dansk Energi. This is done partly via the chairmanship of Elforsk’s Executive Committee/Board of Directors, and partly as an active participant in several projects.

    Completed projects

    In 2019, DEAS concluded the Internet of Things (IOT) project. Based on our own leases at Frederiksberg, this included the testing of new digital tools for the servicing of meeting centres in multi-user properties in the form of the online display of indoor air quality and current power usage of the individual meeting rooms. 

    In addition, data collection by wireless means has been developed/tested, so that technical performance of new residential housing developments can be monitored much more effectively in order to secure, for example, the indoor climate and energy efficiency. The project is supported by the Elforsk research pool and is conducted in cooperation with NCC, Pension Danmark, PKA and Gate21.

    In 2019, DEAS completed the R&D project SEBUT/Smart Energy Shopping Centers, where the integration of new overall management of the large HVAC installations was modelled and tested in practice at centres in the portfolio of the joint venture company Danske Shoppingcentre. This project was led by the Danish Technological Institute and was conducted in a consortium of eight partners. The project received support from Energinet.dk. 

    Ongoing projects

    DEAS actively participates in making residential properties available in the framework of the REVALUE innovation fund project. Among other issues, it shows how control technology installed in heating systems, windows and blinds, together with weather forecast data, can ensure the optimal energy-use and indoor climate of individual flats. The project is led by Aarhus University in a consortium of 12 partners. The project is supported by the Innovation Fund and will be completed in 2020.

    In 2019, a new research project based on Internet of Things (IOT) technology was launched. In collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, JT3 (a ventilation contractor) and IBM, the project’s focus is to develop a service concept for indoor climate systems. The necessary work is increasingly undertaken on the basis of facts about the system, rather being exclusively calendar-controlled, as is the tradition today. The project is supported by Elforsk and will be completed in early 2020.

    Yet another research project based on Internet of Things (IOT) technology began in 2019. The focus of the project is to develop new intelligent controls for indoor climate installations in office buildings, in collaboration with Lindab, IBM and the Danish Technological Institute, in order to promote a healthy indoor climate and energy efficient operations. The project is supported by Elforsk and will be completed in early 2021.

    In 2019, a project was launched with the objective of developing new benchmark energy ratios for older residential properties, as well as tools for projecting energy consumption with the implementation of typical energy renovations. The project is conducted in cooperation with SBI and the Danish Technological Institute. DEAS and PKA have unique energy datasets that have been collected on a monthly basis since the year 2000 on a relatively large population of property. The project is supported by GI and Realdania, and will conclude in early 2021.

    Sustainability strategy on the way

    In 2020, we will launch a sustainability strategy that will establish the framework for our future sustainability initiatives.

    In 2019, we conducted a detailed survey among our customers, residential and commercial tenants, and employees. The responses are used in the work of prioritising focus areas in relation to sustainability, so that we can further develop and improve our services and behaviour for the benefit of our customers, of the residents of the properties we manage, and for our society in general.

  • Supplier and human rights


    DEAS is committed to conducting its business operations on a socially responsible basis. This also includes the observance of human rights. We respect internationally recognised human rights and our objective is not to violate them.

    Procurement Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct

    DEAS works together with a large number of subsuppliers that assist us in our work and tasks related to the management and running of properties. This applies to craft companies, service providers, manufacturers, advisers and contractors. We also procure goods and services for properties on behalf of our customers. 

    Therefore we take responsibility and establish requirements concerning the fundamental production and working conditions that are to apply at every stage when we procure a product or service. This occurs in a structured manner via our Procurement Policy and an associated set of ethical rules for our suppliers in the Supplier Code of Conduct.


    DEAS’s suppliers are obligated to comply with a variety of ethical, social, and environmental requirements. The code is an integral element of the working relationship and must be complied with by all parties, as it sets the framework for how our employees are to act. 

    In the event of serious or repeated negligence, we reserve the right to terminate the relationship. We continuously follow the relationship with our suppliers and adjust it if needed.

    In 2019, we also worked towards reducing the number of suppliers, in order to ensure a consistent service and the best possible agreements. Suppliers are assessed on the basis of their performance at the properties for which they have provided services.

    All suppliers are continuously assessed with regard to factors such as price, quality, sustainability, CO2 footprint and compliance with ethical rules, such as social dumping and collective bargaining agreements.

    Read more about our requirements, and terms and conditions, for relationships with suppliers.

  • Employees


    Our customers must experience that being one of our customers is something special. It must also be something special to reside, shop and work in properties for which we are responsible. This requires both competent and dedicated employees who conduct themselves on a professional, service-minded, professionally correct and ethically responsible basis in conjunction with their work and dialogue with customers, residents and business partners.

    This means that our employees are our most important resource.

    DEAS has some 800 employees, consisting of administrative employees and around 250 property administrators. DEAS also has employer responsibility for around 300 payroll-managed property administrators. 

    We work according to a business model where the ability to create value is based on satisfied employees, satisfied tenants, and satisfied customers. We want our employees to have a pleasant working environment and to feel secure in their employment. 

    We want to demonstrate social responsibility, and we therefore strive to have a strong focus on diversity when hiring new employees, as this also contributes to job satisfaction and dynamism in the organisation.


    DEAS has a strong focus on absence due to illness and absenteeism. Developments are monitored closely and interviews are conducted with both managers and employees with the aim of reducing absences due to illness and absenteeism rates, thereby ensuring employees’ well-being and the best possible working environment. The interviews also serve the purpose of ensuring that employees on long-term sick leave have the best opportunities to gradually return to work. 

    DEAS has a trained stress coach who can be consulted on a confidential basis by employees and managers. We also collaborate with Come Back, which specialises in keeping vulnerable employees at work and getting employees on sick leave back to work quickly. 

    We regularly hold first aid courses, and in 2019 we offered on-site vaccinations (for influenza) and massages during working hours, and the opportunity to have workstations adjusted by an occupational therapist.

    In 2016, we launched the work of implementing a new culture at DEAS, including via workshops as well as a culture book. This work continued in 2019 and is now a regular element of our continuous improvement initiatives, including how we communicate at and through leadership and team workshops, where cooperation, conduct and a good working atmosphere are brought into play.  

    Focus on employee satisfaction

    Employee satisfaction is a very important part of our business model. In autumn 2019, we decided to conduct sample employee satisfaction measurements twice a year, to give us a sense of how we are doing. This enables us to regularly assess the results of our management measures, and managers can respond with remedial measures in those areas where a particular need is found, as and when necessary. The first measurement was conducted in October 2019.  

    Professional competence

    We consider it very important that every employee is aware of his or her role, tasks and responsibility, and has the expertise necessary for the tasks that our customers can and shall expect us to handle. 

    We have therefore established our own educational academy, the DEAS Academy, to support our employees’ continued development of skills and expertise. 

    We focus on in-service training and the further development of our managers, since good management ensures higher job satisfaction and employee satisfaction. Good management is therefore a discipline where we focus on making continued practical improvements on a daily basis. We work with our managers at manager seminars, and on the basis of professional input from external and training courses.

    DEAS also strongly supports the further training and upgrading of our employees’ qualifications, including compliance with the further training requirements to which we are committed as members of the Danish Property Federation. This remains our goal for 2020. 

    As an organisation, we focus on upgrading our skills and expertise in IT security. In 2018, we released a major e-learning programme for all employees in a variety of different modules. All new employees take the e-learning programme shortly after their appointment. 

    Other objectives for 2020 include the following:

    • Ensuring a diverse range of team training for our managers and employees.
    • Continued focus on employee well-being by providing professional, personal and healthcare opportunities.
    • Increase the number of trainees from the financial economist or financial bachelor study programmes to a minimum of 20 per year. 
    • Maintain a low rate of absence due to illness.


    DEAS’ values are characterised by how most of our employees have a lot of day-to-day contact with the company’s customers. Each employee shall also be able to make decisions on a case-by-case basis and in relation to the individual customer. 

    DEAS has formulated five values as the basis for our day-to-day work:

    • Professional: We work professionally and effectively. We handle our tasks at a high professional level and are ready to share our knowledge and experience with each other and with our customers. This requires us to continuously develop our expertise, both collectively and as individuals.
    • Focused: We take individual ownership of the tasks and issues we solve, and never give up responsibility for any matter for which we receive help from a colleague. This requires everyone to understand that their contribution to the business is significant and to acknowledge that well-functioning community is a precondition for achieving our goals.
    • Available: We are easy to get in touch with, and we communicate in an easily understandable way. This requires us to make knowledge and information openly available and to be present when our help is needed.
    • Visionary: We think in new ways, see things from a new angle and seek to make our work better, every day. This requires us to understand our customers and the market, be familiar with legislation and see opportunities in new technology.
    • Creating value: In our day-to-day work we create increased value for the customer, resident, case or project. We take a broad view of value creation – as economic, informative and social value creation. This requires us to show business acumen and respect that our work affects people.

    Healthy workplaces and working environment

    At DEAS, we aim to establish and ensure a secure and healthy working environment for our employees, colleagues and others. At all times, this shall correspond to the technical and social developments in society as a whole.

    Therefore, we have a working environment organisation, which is divided into working environment groups at the offices and properties, and independent working environment groups for canteens and Facility Services. Meetings of both the committees and the organisation are held on a regular basis. 

    In addition, we conduct an annual workplace assessment that evaluates both the physical and mental working environments. 

  • Anti-corruption and bribery


    As property managers, we at DEAS are aware of our role in society as a guardian of the built environment, which is a very important aspect of society’s economic viability and social wellbeing. 

    Therefore our customers shall at all times have full confidence in DEAS as a partner, and there may never be any doubt about our integrity and credibility. 


    This means that we do not engage in any business activities if they can reasonably be assumed to adversely affect business transactions, do not fall within the scope of normal business practice, or are prohibited by applicable legislation.

    Our employees, both administrative and caretakers, are not permitted to receive gifts from suppliers. If a supplier wishes to express appreciation for our collaboration (for example, in conjunction with Christmas), we instead encourage them to make a contribution to a charitable cause.

    Any gifts received are returned due to that it is our desire to have strict clear professional boundaries between DEAS and our suppliers.

    If we hold a reception to mark an anniversary, for example, it is permitted to receive gifts at a reasonable level. Similarly, we also have firm guidelines describing the cases where we give gifts to external business associates in connection with their receptions, anniversary events, etc.

    Our guidelines are described in detail in our “Supplier Code of Conduct”.

    Whistleblower procedure for employees

    As part of our control environment, employees of DEAS have the opportunity to report suspected offences anonymously.

Mandatory review for corporate social responsibility in accordance with ÅRL § 99a for the 2019 financial year.

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