At DEAS we wish to operate our activities on the basis of customers' requirements and on a profitable and sustainable foundation.

Our ambition is to do what we are best at, which is to manage, service and develop properties. We do this on a socially responsible basis. We therefore wish to contribute to the society and community of which we are part. We invest in the future by taking responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of our activities.

We are also happy to contribute to others' welfare – not just in Denmark, but also abroad. Each year, we pick one or two large events or areas that we wish to support. In 2016, we supported www.danmarksindsamling.dk and Knæk Cancer (the Danish cancer awareness campaign). We do not support individuals or sports associations.

  • Customers

    At DEAS we value long-term, mutually beneficial customer relationships.

    Whether they are professional investors or the board of a small cooperative-owned property or owners' association, our customers must be treated professionally, with respect for their individual requirements. 

    It is therefore a key objective to ensure that our benefits, services and employees are available to our customers through various channels – such as digital self-service solutions, mobile apps and an online customer portal, as well as telephone services, meetings, and customer-adapted reports. We are present in Aarhus, Aalborg and Copenhagen, via our three departments.

    In this way, we can accommodate our customers' many different needs, and make it easy to be a DEAS customer.

    Ethical norms for property management

    It is important for us that whatever we do, we do it properly. We make sure that we get things right the first time.

    All customer relationships are, as a minimum, subject to the framework in force at any time, according to the ethical norms for property administration drawn up by the Administrator section of the Danish Property Federation, to which, via our membership, we are obliged to adhere.

    There may be customers that we decline to work with – such as customers who do not wish to comply with the aforementioned framework.

    Service Standard

    As a member of SBA – Servicebranchens Arbejdsgiverforening (the Service Sector's Employer Association) – every year we apply for renewal of our Service Standard approval. The Service Standard is a quality stamp to ensure that a facility service agreement with us is an ethical and sustainable solution.

  • Tenants and residents

    At DEAS we consider it important that, irrespective of their age, gender, nationality and status, the users of the properties we manage – our tenants and residents – are treated professionally and with respect for their individual requirements.

    Clear communication on complicated topics

    The property area is governed by complicated legislation. We therefore often take an "expert role" in relation to our customers' customers – e.g. tenants, cooperative owners and owner occupiers.

    It is important for us to communicate clearly and precisely. Our ambition is for the users of the properties we manager to have confidence in the details, information and services that we give them.

    We therefore e.g. provide news mails, a knowledge bank at deasgroup.com and digital services, while visible signs displayed at the properties make it easy for residents and tenants to get in touch with us.

    Focus on satisfaction

    Our ambition is for both our customers and our customers' customers to be very satisfied with the benefits and services they receive. DEAS therefore conducts a tenant satisfaction survey whenever a lease is occupied or vacated, and measures customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis.

  • Climate and environmental policy

    At DEAS we wish to reduce the environmental and climate impact of the properties we manage, from our own activities and from external partners and suppliers.

    We therefore promote a focus on the environment, in close collaboration with customers and users of the properties we manage.

    Energy savings

    DEAS has established an energy partnership with DONG Energy, which offers energy subsidies to our customers. We automatically screen all projects that include energy-saving measures which are initiated in DEAS, and DONG then provides a cash subsidy per kWh saved. 

    For 2017, the objective is to save 15.0 GWh, or an amount equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of around 5,000 households, as a consequence of energy projects on behalf of customers.

    Climate strategy and DGNB certification

    In 2016, DEAS played an active role in the development of several large property owners' energy and climate strategies. Several major investors have developed a 2020 strategy with great focus on energy efficiency improvements and documentation of this in properties managed by DEAS.

    Research and development projects

    Green initiatives can attract and retain residents and commercial tenants, for the benefit of the climate and the environment, and can also meet the demand for environment-friendly homes and commercial leases. The objective is to continue to participate in several research and development projects within this area in 2017. 

    DEAS is active in ELFORSK – research pool for energy savings under the Danish Energy Association – via chairmanship of ELFORSK's executive committee/board, and as an active participant in several projects.

  • Suppliers

    DEAS wishes to operate on a socially responsible basis. This also includes observance of human rights.

    DEAS collaborates with a large number of subsuppliers that assist us in our work and with tasks related to the management and running of properties.

    We thus make a number of requirements of the companies that work for us and our customers – which applies to firms of craftsmen, service providers, advisers and contractors.

    Read more about our terms and requirements of cooperation with suppliers.

  • Employees

    Our customers are served by around 700 employees, comprising around 450 administrative employees and 250 property caretakers. We also have around 300 payroll-managed property caretakers. We want our employees to have a pleasant working environment and security of employment.

    It is important for us that all of our employees conduct themselves professionally and are service-minded, professionally correct and ethically responsible in the performance of their work.

    Professional expertise

    We consider it very important that every employee is aware of his or her role, tasks and responsibility – and has the expertise necessary for the tasks which our customers can and must expect us to handle.

    We have therefore established our own educational academy – the DEAS Academy – to support our employees' continued competence development.

    We focus on the further development of our managers, since good management ensures higher employee satisfaction.

    DEAS supports the trade organisation the Danish Property Federation's campaign targeted at coming new property administrators.

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