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DEAS is committed to be available and assist the press in contacting the right DEAS employee, provide material, statements, background knowledge, analyses, and pictures.

You are always welcome to contact DEAS. If you have questions about DEAS' press releases or about our company, please contact

  • senior vice president of marketing and communications Ann Dorthe Koch by phone at +45 39 46 65 14 / +45 27 90 12 20 or
  • Alternatively communication & marketing consultant Anne Louise Fisker Nielsen by phone at +45 39 46 64 43 / +45 27 90 12 22 or at

Individual cases

DEAS is a company that works for different clients (e.g. investors and housing associations). Customers may have a specific press strategy, which we naturally respect.

For ethical reasons DEAS does not wish to comment on financial matters relating to individual cases (e.g. the rent in any given flat), unless prior permission exists.

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