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Press photos

Please find press photos of key persons and exterior below.

Henrik Dahl Jeppesen - CEO, DEAS Group

Henrik Dahl Jeppesen, DEAS Henrik Dahl Jeppesen, DEAS
Henrik Dahl Jeppesen, DEAS

Thomas Colding-Jørgensen - CFO


Annelise Arboe Sommer - CCO


Jesper Moe - Senior Vice President, Associations


Kristian Slaarup Kongstad - Senior Vice President, Technical building consultancy


Benny Buchardt Andersen - CEO, DEAS Asset management


Lars Olaf Larsen - Senior Vice President, Public-Private Partnership (PPP)


Bjørn Allentoft - Senior Vice President, Legal


Flintholm Company House



Ann Dorthe Koch

Kommunikations- og Marketingdirektør
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The management

You can find the directors and executives of the company in every business area.

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