Fabriksparken in Glostrup is an office property, which is owned by Cromwell Property Group. The property was built in 1972 and is 7,612 m2. Fabriksparken has three leases. Cromwell Property Group has been a customer of DEAS since 1. April 2014.

Cromwell Property Group


Cromwell Property Group has previously managed the property themselves. In order to focus on their core business - value creation and strategic property development - Cromwell Property Group decided to outsource a large part of the portfolio's management.


Outsourcing of property management Protection of the property’s finance

Property management: DEAS was to be in charge of property management as well as operation and maintenance. 

Support for business processes:
Cromwell Property Group wanted that their new partner could deliver solid and financial results for the property and comprehensive reporting.


Property management: DEAS performs, among other things. rental alerts, reconciled rent charges, collection letter jobs, preparation of operation and heat accounts as well as operation and maintenance budgets. They will be delivered through DEAS ' quality assured procedures.

Reporting: DEAS ensures Cromwell Property Group an overview by providing daily and monthly reporting of, among other things. arrears and idle and over current projects on the property.


DEAS has since April 2014 delivered efficient property management and operation and maintenance of Fabriksparken, daily tenant contact. In addition, we ensure Cromwell Property Group the wanted overview through comprehensive reporting.


Lars Gøttrup

Key Account Manager
Asset Management
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