General terms and conditions

Some of the conditions, you should pay particular attention to in a lease are:


– what should the lease be used for (e.g., store, office, training activities, etc.)

Entry into force and closing

– there needs to be hand-over, and the lease shall be in the condition, which has been agreed (e.g. as is, freshly painted, fully refurbished, etc.)

Consumer accounts and operating accounts

– what services should the landlord deliver and which does tenant perform?

Maintenance and renewal

– what tasks does the landlord address, and which is solved by the tenant? And how much may the tenant do to the leased property?

Moving out and delivery of the leased

– how should the lease be left by tenant, how much should be fixed or re-established?

Are you as a tenant in doubt whether it is a landlord or tenant, who should solve a task, then always contact either the property's janitor or DEAS. The janitor on your property always has a copy of your lease, and we store on behalf of the landlord the original lease.

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