Property operation

The day-to-day operations of the property is undertaken by the property's janitor. That is to say that you should contact your property’s janitor if you encounter problems in your lease or on the property.

DEAS informs you if there are changes to the property’s janitors contact information.

The day-to-day operations of the property typically consists in maintaining the outdoor areas (sweep), clear the snow, cutting hedges, maintain compulsory subscriptions, keep clean common areas (staircase window washing and polishing), supervising the heating and ventilation systems, solicit and oversee craftsmen, etc.

In some cases, tenants have taken over responsibility for the operation of these tasks. If there are uncertainties in connection with the completion of tasks, you as a tenant are of course always welcome to seek advice from the property's janitor or the property's project manager.

Interior maintenance

The tenant is usually responsible for the interior maintenance of the lease. The tenant must frequently also paint exterior doors, gates and similar as well as be responsible for the maintenance of the tenancy’s technical installations 'up to the main connection '. Tenants typically must keep the leases indoor area maintained in good condition.

Exterior maintenance

The landlord typically takes care of maintenance of the property’s exterior (including mainly roof and facade). These jobs are carried out in the daytime, and commercial tenants will therefore often be able to both see and hear the craftsmen, when tasks must be solved.

Tenants must be warned in writing and with eight weeks notice, if ' jobs entails obstacles or significant disadvantages for the tenant's access to or use of the leased '.

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