Moving out

Inside finally leave the rental unit, there must be a moving inspection, that is to say, a review of the lease with the property's janitor, or the project manager who is responsible for the property's operation. Here it will be noted in a report, which repairs need to be carried out in the lease. 

Repairs in the rental period

The lease must be possible to service during your rental period. This means that the taking over and moving out of the property must be done on the same day.

The remodeling happens, therefore, often in one of the following ways:

  • The lease is remodeled by craftsmen prior to you moving out the property.
  • Remodeling requirements are agreed (depends on the wording in the leases contract). The expenditure for this purpose shall be determined — possibly by obtained offers on the agreed work – and the refurbishment carried out later.

Small leases are often redone, while in the case of larger lease agreements, which refurbishment works are to be carried out in accordance with the rental contract formulation. The craftsmen’s prices will be predetermined from deals, and the amounts from the collected deals in relation to relocation report, which will be settled in the moving the settlement.

Moving inspection

At the moving inspection the property's janitor or the property's project manager records, the number on the electric meter that provides leased property with electricity. If you have not read the meter and reported the figure to the utility company – then we will do it.

When the moving inspection is completed, you as the tenant will no longer have access to the rental unit. Therefore, all keys/cards are to be delivered. The property's janitor, or project manager also often takes pictures of the lease as proof of the tenancy’s condition on moving out the property

When the moving report is filled out by the landlord or the project manager you or your representative will receive a copy. As a receipt that you have received the moving report, it should be signed by you or your representative – alternatively be forwarded to you with registered mail.


If you do not agree to the listed works should be performed on your behalf, DEAS subsequently needs to be informed of this. You can notify this by writing it on the report or send us a letter with the points you cannot accept and therefore object to.

When all bills on the refurbishment work is available, or it is agreed what planned refurbishment works will cost, then we will prepare a settlement for the move. If the settlement exhibits a surplus, the amount will be settled by cheque or by transferring the amount to the account, we have been informed of.

We will try to settle within 6-8 weeks from the date of the transfer, but with the moving out of very large leases it may take a while longer.


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