Termination of a lease must be made in writing, and such termination shall be against the roof with us no later than the 1. beforethe end of office hoursso that the notice period can be calculated from the same date. It is of no significance that the termination if sent by mail, registered mail, e-mail or by fax.

There is not any formal requirement for the termination, but if you inform your customer number or address on the lease, it is easier for us to record the information.

In addition, it must clearly appear from the termination given that, per the date on which the termination is desired, and there must be a clearly stated name of the person signing the termination.

Any information about the contact person, telephone number, e-mail address, time of meeting and the like are useful information to provide in connection with such termination – but it is not required.

If you are a company, we would also very much like to see evidence that it is the person or the authorized signatories, who signed the termination.

Confirmation of termination

The termination shall be recorded in the DEAS ' management system. We will send a written confirmation within four working days after we have received the termination. The confirmation will include at least the following:

  • Confirmation that we have received the termination
  • Moving out day.. That is, the day, you no longer are liable for the payment of rent, etc.
  • What condition the lease must be delivered in
  • Contact information of the person who is responsible for overseeing the move at our end
  • A Message requesting that all keys to the lease must be delivered
  • A message requesting that the meter reading must be done in connection with moving out.
  • A message requesting that any new tenants must on an ongoing basis have access to inspect the lease.

Annexed to the confirmation of termination we shall forward a form, where you are asked to provide information about the new address as well as information on registration and account number to the bank, any moving out balance can be transferred to. Then please return the form to us.

Landlord would, of course, wish to re-let the lease as soon as possible, and you will therefore probably shortly after the termination be contacted by one of our professional realtors from DEAS Professions, which will inspect the lease.

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