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Get mail, documents and messages from us via e-mail, e-Boks, web, text message and NemKonto – to give you easy and rapid access to all information.

Digital mail is for tenants residing in buildings managed by DEAS.

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What you need to do 

Send us your information by clicking on the button below and completing the form. Then use NemID to confirm that the information is correct.

When you have submitted your information, at e-Boks you can choose DEAS as a sender from which you wish to receive digital mail. You will see a link to e-Boks once you have submitted your information.

What you need to send to us:

We need such information as your address, Danish civil registration number and e-mail address - and your resident number/customer number. You can find the number on your most recent bill, or on letters you have received from DEAS.

If you have already given us this information can go directly to and select receiving mail from DEAS.

When will DEAS send digital mail?

When you are signed up you will receive select letters from DEAS at e-Boks.

  • Security

    All information in the form is sent via a secure connection, and you confirm your information with your NemID.

    You information is treated as confidential and will only be used by DEAS, and solely for relevant communication concerning your home. You information will be stored with due care, and only a few selected individuals at DEAS will have access to this data.

    You can always contact DEAS should you at a later time wish to withdraw your information. Go to form (in Danish).

    DEAS cooperates with Penneo to confirm your identity with NemID.