Certification of a property's digital infrastructure

Strong evaluation

Today, properties must live up to the increasingly high expectations companies have for digital infrastructure and smart technology in office spaces. For modern businesses, the digital aspects of the office environment are crucial and business critical. DEAS Group is the first in Denmark to offer certification of the digirtal infrastructur of buildings, known as WiredScore certification.

We aim to support our investors in the digital development of their properties. This type of certification naturally aligns with other sustainability certifications,

Hans Andersen, Head of Sustainability at DEAS

About WiredScore-certifications

Highly respected internationally and growing popularity, Wiredscore is a leading global certification system that evaluates a property's digital infrastructure and smart technology, which involves:

  • Assessing a property's digital infrastructure and potential for improvement.

  • Measuring a wide range of parameters, including power supply reliability, installations, available pathways, space for tech equipment, local mobile coverage, and access to public Wi-Fi.

  • Assigning a WiredScore 0-100, and ranking properties at four certification levels: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Put your office buildings under scrutiny

There are 12 accredited professionals at DEAS in this field, among the priviliged few in Denmark who are. They conduct Wiredscore certifications and provide advice on the development of upcoming projects and on the upgrading of existing properties to ensure future-proof digital infrastructure.

Technological changes occur rapidly, and with certification, our investors have the opportunity to stay ahead of the technological design in properties.

Mathias Kæmmer, Wiredscore accredited professional

Our colleague Mathias Kæmmer is Denmark's first accredited professional. Along with our team of highly qualified auditors, he is ready to certify both newly constructed and existing office buildings.


WiredScore Certification

A powerful ESG tool

Investors can use WiredScore certification as a tool in their ESG strategy since it helps reduce a property's climate footprint by futureproofing it and avoiding unnecessary renovations. Furthermore, it ensures a good working environment and high productivity due to its efficient, digital setup. Certification allow you to achieve objective and consistent reporting on your property's digital connectivity.

Hans Andersen
Hans Andersen
Senior Director
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