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Proactive real estate asset management yielding high returns

Value adding services and documented results

Value adding services and documented results

Our professional and experienced team meet all your requirements for proactive asset management solutions in Denmark. We execute on the basis of the mandate you assign to us, and as specialists we can present documented results when it comes to developing properties and property portfolios.

DEAS Asset Management is backed by the DEAS Group ensuring a professional property management and stable operation. 

We are approved as a manager of alternative investment funds (AIFM) just as we also have an extended AIFM authorisation, enabling us to manage individual properties and portfolios for investors that are not subject to AIFM legislation.

Best return possible

Best return possible

Through our investment management services, you are ensured the best possible risk-adjusted return. We will develop a well-funded strategy and execute it, thereby optimising portfolios and individual properties.

Financial theory tools and models are utilised with the goals of providing you with the best possible risk-adjusted return. Execution of the strategy will include, for example, securing the right asset selection and carrying out transactions.

We identify and harness investment potential through, among others, sourcing, market analysis, negotiation and due diligence and valuations.

Reaching the potential

Reaching the potential

We uncover the development potential of your real estate portfolio. By ensuring concept and idea development and by implementing the projects we make sure your properties reach their full potential.

Sourcing potential projects as well as projecting and redeeming potentials on existing properties is included. This guarantees the best possible value increment through development.

Choose the entire package or single services just as needed, including but not limited to:
- budgeting for remodeling/new construction
- project engineering
- construction management
- risk mitigation
- building permits
- district plan development and dialogue with authorities

A process matching your portfolio

A process matching your portfolio

Our cooperation with investors is characterised by the application of a tried and tested process matching your individual property or portfolio.

Phase 1: Sourcing

Phase 2: Business plan

Phase 3: Business plan execution

Phase 4: Exit strategy

Contact us to learn more about our methods and how we can secure added value and high returns on your real estate portfolio situated in Denmark.

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