Ørsted School

Ørsted School was completed in 2010 and is located in Langeland Municipality. The school has an area of 14,500 sq.m. and can accommodate 1,000 students. In addition, the school has its own sports halls and an exterior sports facility with playing fields and athletic facilities. The project collaborators are MT Højgaard, DNB and DEAS. Tenant: the municipality of Langeland.



Langeland Municipality commissioned the construction of a school. The aim for the building was for it to be sustainable. In 2008-2010, Ørsted School in Rudkøbing was built for Langeland Municipality.


Preparation of PPP agreement Focus on sustainability

The school's future: A total solution should be developed in a PPP agreement. And to schedule 30 years into the future can present challenges.

Requirement for sustainability: It can also present challenges when there is a requirement that the school construction must be sustainable. In other words, there must be a strong focus on the future of the building itself as sustainable. 


PPP agreement: DEAS ensured that a long-term comprehensive solution was found. As a result, Langeland Municipality is already apprised of all costs related to the building, operation and maintenance of the school over the next 30 years. Even the replacement of bulbs and broken windows have been taken into account. 

Sustainable building: As early as the design stage, sustainability was built into planning the building’s energy consumption. Classrooms with major heat emission are, for example, located to the north and west, and the daylight will be used to such an extent that there is the least possible need for artificial lighting.

Business partners

OPP-partner MT Højgaard DNB OPP-partner Sampension PKA


As a result of the PPP agreement, Ørsted School was awarded the Green Building certificate. To be classified as such, a building must have an energy consumption that is at least 25% less than the applicable legal requirements at the time of construction.


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