Borgmester Christiansens Gade

The commercial property Borgmester Christiansens Gade 48-50 is located in the southwest quarter of Copenhagen, which is developing rapidly. The property is owned by Sampension and comprises six to ten leases totalling 10,448 sq.m.



Sampension wished to modernise the property and the surrounding areas, and to convert the former head office property into a multi-user building.


The conversion and modernisation had to accommodate commercial tenants and their requirements.

The project had to be divided into two parts. The first part concerned the actual conversion into a multi-user building, including new fitting-out of shared meeting rooms, establishment of an access control area and conversion of the multi-hall and canteen.

The second part comprised of the conversion and new fitting-out of office premises, as they are leased out. 

Sampension therefore required project design and construction management to ensure that the building work took place in accordance with the agreements established with the contractor - both concerning finances, time and quality.


Property development Technical building consultancy Space management

As Sampension's representative, DEAS undertook project design and construction management throughout the building process. DEAS thereby ensured an optimum building process, where everything was in accordance with the agreements with the contractor.

To achieve the optimum fitting-out and working environment in the new multi-user building, DEAS also undertook space planning of communal areas. The purchase of modern furniture, green plants and design of special fittings have all helped to achieve an attractive contemporary environment.


The modernised and converted property was ready to hand over to Sampension and new tenants on 1 October 2016 which was according to the agreed schedule.

The building's new layout includes a café, lounge areas and various informal meeting zones, in which the individual furniture is tailored to specific functions. This has resulted in a multi-user building that can accommodate many types of commercial tenants, who can all benefit from the various communal areas.

In connection with project design, DEAS Erhverv assessed the letting opportunities, and subsequently prepared a letting prospectus for the new commercial leases in the property.


Kristian Slaarup Kongstad

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