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Lyngby Storcenter is a regional shopping mall located in the heart of Kgs. Lyngby in North Zealand. The property dates from 1973. The mall consists of 395 leases comprising shops, offices, homes and a hotel. The property's total area is 54,953 sq.m. DEAS operates and develops Lyngby Storcenter on behalf of Danske Shoppingcentre P/S.

Danske Shoppingcentre P/S


Today's modern consumer expects to be able to combine shopping trips to the mall with culinary experiences. In cooperation with Danske Shoppingcentre P/S, DEAS developed a plan to give Lyngby Storcenter a unique catering concept with an exciting selection of culinary experiences at a high quality level.

This was a strategic initiative to increase Lyngby Storcenter's popularity and visitor numbers by creating a natural place to meet and eat in the heart of Lyngby: a unique indoor food stall concept comprising a few, carefully selected stalls, the best in their respective fields, was to be established at the mall's biggest plaza, Store Torv.

The innovative and attractive setting of the new food stall concept would also encourage customers to stay at the mall a little longer, and thereby create a positive effect on the shops' sales revenue.


In view of the shopping mall's strategic importance, there was a strong wish to undertake the conversion of Store Torv as soon as possible, and the aim was to open in the spring of 2016. The time frame for this complex project was thus very tight. This made high demands of an effective and targeted development process, and of very close cooperation between the various parties involved in the project.

It was also a mandatory requirement that the surrounding shops were not to be affected by food odours from the food stalls, so effective air extraction had to be established for each stall.

The conversion work also had to be to the least possible inconvenience of tenants and shop proprietors, and the mall's customers. This made high demands of both DEAS and the contractor.


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The project's execution phase took place over three months, which is a short time considering the project's complexity. The shops in the mall are open daily from 10am, every day of the week, and the guests at the hotel which is part of the mall, also had to be taken into account. This meant that noisy work had to be placed from 7am to 10am, so as to bother all types of customers as little as possible. This was successful, thanks to detailed time management and careful prioritisation and management of the sequence of the work. This ensured a continuous flow, so that the work never came to a halt. The tight coordination of the various construction tasks made it possible to keep the mall in full operation during the conversion work.

To meet the major challenge of ensuring effective air extraction from the food stalls, the floor of Store Torv was raised. This made it possible to lead the ventilation pipes up to the individual stalls. 

In each stall, an extractor hood was installed, with controlled jets to ensure that food smells and frying odours are extracted and do not permeate the mall. Another measure is to blow down air along all of the stall fronts.

All installations, including water, drainage and electricity lines, were built into the raised floor, as a visually attractive and user-friendly solution in the high-ceilinged plaza.


Store Torv now offers a unique culinary experience, with six of the country's leading food stall concepts, which adds a whole new dimension to shopping at Lyngby Storcenter. Here, the centre's customers can relax and enjoy a wide selection of culinary delicacies in small cosy seating areas scattered across the plaza. The wide selection covers every meal of the day, and targets a very broad customer group.

The opening of the new food stall concepts was a great success. On the opening days, Lyngby Storcenter had more than 60,000 visitors, equivalent to an increase of 20% compared to the same days of the previous year. The new culinary offerings have been a key driver in ensuring that Lyngby Storcenter achieved a significant growth of 5% in the number of visitors in 2016. As required, the new food stalls have also had a positive rub-off effect for the shops in the mall.

In marketing terms, the new culinary experience has also served as an important lever, since Lyngby Storcenter can now better meet customers' demand for a comprehensive shopping experience, which has made the mall significantly more attractive in the market.


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