Frederiksberg Centret

Frederiksberg Centret is owned by Danske Shoppingcentre FC P/S. It was built in 1996 and is one of the major centres in Copenhagen closest to the city center. The centre is 29,000 m2 – spread over 90 different shops and 6.4 million visitors annually.

Danske Shoppingcentre FC P/S


Danske Shoppingcentre FC P/S wanted a partner who could ensure the efficient management and letting of the shopping centre, while at the same time operating the center on a day-to-day basis – with everything it entails. They also needed a partner with the competencies to constantly develop the shopping centre and retain its attractiveness to both tenants and consumers.


The tasks in connection with the Frederiksberg Centre were and are many and extensive:

Center management: Through administration, commercial letting, operation and development, ensure the lowest possible vacancy and maximum customer and tenant satisfaction.

The shop mix: Optimizing the store mix in the centre, we sought a composition that attracts the widest possible range of customers and generate maximum revenue.

Expansion and modernization: Creating a brand new modern shopping centre with a new standard for shopping experiences with light, air and focus on pampering the customers and ultimately increasing the number of visitors.

Decor and a modern shopping experience: Optimizing the layout and appearance of each store in the shopping center.


Center Management Technical building consultancy Modernization of the centre

Danske Shoppingcentre FC P/S selected DEAS as a partner with the responsibility to manage, operate and develop the Frederiksberg Centre.

DEAS has been responsible for the expansion of the Frederiksberg Centre from idea to delivery. DEAS was responsible for building consultancy as well as project planning and construction management in connection with the construction of store leases. DEAS serves as an end-to-end partner, why virtually our entire service palette has been and remains in play.

The shopping centre was significantly expanded and rebuilt in 2015 and now consists of 90 stores spread over a total of 29,000 m2 and three floors. Before renovation, there were 65 stores in the shopping centre.

One of the tasks was to keep the centre in full operation alongside with the renovation. We succeeded by keeping a tight coordination of the various construction tasks.

In addition, DEAS coordinated the decor of the 25 new leases and has been responsible for the project planning and construction management of four new stores in the shopping centre.


Frederiksberg Centret now stands as one of Denmark's most modern and optimized shopping centers. The operation works, and its attractiveness to both Danish and foreign brands as well as the consumers is very strong. 

Since the redevelopment, the number of visitors has increased by 20%, and turnover at the Centre has risen since the extensive renovation with 24% in 2015 and 32% in 2016. The shopping centre has a vacancy of 0%. 

Frederiksberg Centret has in 2016 been voted as the best shopping center in both Denmark and Scandinavia by NCSC and received an international award for best expansion of an existing shopping center.


Finn Sture Madsen

Center Management
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