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The FRB.C shopping centre is located in central Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, and has a total area of 65,500 m². The centre opened in 1996, and underwent a major refurbishment and expansion in 2012-2015, with DEAS as the building advisor. Since then, the centre has won several national and international awards, has 90 shops and is visited by 8 million customers annually. DEAS has managed the centre since its opening in 1996.

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The customer wanted an ongoing optimisation of the operation and quality of the centre, with a significant focus on reducing energy consumption and enhancing the already green brand of the centre, without compromising the indoor climate. 

The client therefore decided to be at the forefront of Danish shopping centres, with a new indoor climate and energy renewal strategy. Following a review of energy use in the centre, an extensive renovation project was agreed in July 2016.

The client wanted to put particular focus on the implementation of new technology in public areas and joint installations. At the same time, ensuring that the centre could continue operating while the renovation was being carried out was a great priority. 


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Through DEAS’ role as a construction consultant during the major renovation of the centre in 2012-2015 and as a administrator of the centre since 1996, we had extensive knowledge of the possibilities and technical construction details of the centre. These insights were combined with DEAS’s expertise within energy and indoor climate, and an efficient team was set up to address the task. 

New indoor climate strategy: DEAS was responsible for the procurement, delivery and follow-up of the indoor climate project, to ensure that ambitions were realised. In close cooperation with the Danish Technological Institute, the concrete initiatives to be implemented were established. 

It was decided to optimise the use of construction automation, and to introduce more intelligent and demand-driven air utilisation and ventilation.

Energy renewal: In order to optimise energy use in the centre, the decision was taken to optimise and renovate primarily using more energy-efficient installations. Among other things, new energy efficient ventilation systems were installed, along with new rotary heat exchangers with improved heat recovery. Both installations reduce CO2 and save energy and costs. 

During the energy renovation, DEAS enjoyed a smooth and efficient collaboration with Siemens, the overall contractor for the project, so that the most advantageous solutions for the client could be found.

Structured energy management: In addition to the renovation, DEAS chose to introduce structured energy management to the operations staff. Energy management facilitates a more structured and energy-conscious management of day-to-day energy consumption, which will ensure a reduction of the centre’s energy consumption of 5% in addition to the expected savings.

DEAS kept the centre in full operation during the construction work by taking temporary measures, and making various adjustments according to the season and time of day. In addition, DEAS managed FRB.C’s commercial tenants, and ensured minimal disruption during the construction period.

A final performance test prior to project delivery ensured that DEAS was on top of any faults or omissions that might arise later in operation.


After the new indoor climate strategy was implemented, FRB.C now has an optimised indoor climate that uses less energy and can be controlled dynamically.

With the energy renovation, the client can be expected to make energy savings of 33% and a decrease in CO2 emissions of 200 tonnes per annum. To ensure that this is fulfilled, Ørsted will verify the savings one year after the end of the project.

With this renovation and upgrade of building technology, the customer has achieved financial savings of around DKK 1 million per year, and a value increase on FRB.C of around DKK 20 million per year. The project therefore shows how a reduction of the ecological footprint easily go hand in hand with an increase in value and quality of property as well as considerable operational savings.

This indoor climate strategy and energy renovation won the centre a prize as Denmark’s best-run property 2018, and the owners of FRB.C are now in an even stronger position as a green role model for other major property investors.


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