Friis Shopping Centre

Friis Shopping Centre is northern Jutland's newest shopping centre, located in the centre of Aalborg in close proximity to the city's popular pedestrian precinct. The property was built in 2010 and comprises 52 shops and offices, with a total area of 17,864 sq.m. DEAS operates and develops Friis Shopping Centre as part of a portfolio of 16 shopping centres owned by Danske Shoppingcentre P/S.

Danske Shoppingcentre P/S


DEAS took over the management of Friis Shopping Centre in the summer of 2015, when the centre had a high vacancy rate and a shop mix very similar to what customers could find in the surrounding pedestrian streets. There was thus a need to rethink the strategy, concept and shop mix for the centre.

This was a strategic development project to give the Friis Shopping Centre a new lease of life and give a significant boost to the centre's commercial attractiveness in both Aalborg and the entire regional hinterland.


Commercial strategy: The first step of the development project was to determine a commercial strategy for the centre and create a strong and differentiated concept. The overall goal was for the new Friis Shopping Centre to rejuvenate Aalborg's retail sector and the city centre, and offer customers a different and inspiring shopping experience.

One of the strategy's cornerstones was to have a strong and sharply profiled anchor tenant in the centre, which as such would be able to drive many visitors and help give a strong boost to the centre's shop mix.

It was also important that the centre would interact well with the surrounding city to create strong continuity and thereby an overall stronger shopping destination.


Commercial strategy Shopping centre concept Letting strategy and implementation

Based on thorough preliminary studies and research, Magasin was identified as the obvious candidate to be the centre's new anchor tenant, since Magasin would be able to contribute with a new dimension to Aalborg's retail market.

Magasin was therefore included in the strategy from the beginning, and after a long dialogue and negotiation process, in November 2016, DEAS could officially announce that Magasin would open a 7,500 sq.m. department store in Friis Shopping Centre. With Magasin as the anchor tenant, the new Friis Shopping Centre will play a significant role in enhancing Aalborg's commercial profile.

Restaurant concept: The strategy is also based on Café Dalle Valle opening in Friis Shopping Centre. The plan is to give the centre a well-known and attractive culinary concept and to create a new café at street level, including outdoor seating at the pleasant Gabels Torv.

Lease conversion: Work is continuing on the execution of the new strategy in terms of optimising the shop mix and the relocation of tenants, which will require a major conversion of the centre.

The full palette: At DEAS, the entire organisation is working closely together on the project, since it involves many different competences within letting, operation, construction, and marketing and communication. The most important aspect is that the centre's operation is affected as little as possible by the conversion, with the least possible inconvenience to customers and tenants.

External cooperation: In the course of the project, DEAS has cooperated closely with Danske Shoppingcentre P/S and Aalborg Municipality on creating a vibrant city centre with many different shops, restaurants and activities, in order to strengthen Aalborg's retail sector.


In the autumn of 2018, a new and strong Friis Shopping Centre opened its doors to welcome customers to a different and inspiring shopping experience with a combination of Danish and international brands, local operators, easily available groceries shopping outlets, and tempting places to stop for a meal.

The centre will be an integrated part of the city and will make a significant contribution to an increasing flow of customers and an even stronger retail sector in Aalborg. 

The customer: For Danske Shoppingcentre P/S, the strategy and the increased commercial attractiveness represent an advantageous investment in the centre's future.

Potential lessees: The development plans have attracted a lot of positive interest from both Danish and international tenants wishing to become established in the new Friis Shopping Centre.


Finn Sture Madsen

Center Management
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