Hvidovre C

Hvidovre C is a local shopping centre which serves as a genuine city centre, with a focus on location and convenience. The centre, owned by Danske Shoppingcentre P/S, was built in 1979 and was completely refurbished in 2009. The centre has a total area of 10,000 m², divided into 31 stores and offices, and is visited annually by approximately 1.3 million customers. DEAS operates and develops Hvidovre C as part of a portfolio of 16 shopping centres owned by Danske Shoppingcentre P/S.

Danske Shoppingcentre P/S


DEAS took over the management of Hvidovre C in the summer of 2015.


When DEAS took over Hvidovre C, the centre was characterised by a large number of empty tenancies. The centre needed new, attractive store concepts to support its position in the city centre, improve its brand and increase its commercial attractiveness.

In particular, the centre had challenges within the grocery and dining sector, both of which are important categories for an effective shopping centre that meet customers’ complete shopping needs.


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Strategy: DEAS developed a strategy for the revitalisation of Hvidovre C. There was an ambition to transform the centre into a cosy and vibrant city centre with strong value for money concepts adapted to the daily purchasing needs of a large number of local customers. The strategy also identified the need to provide Hvidovre C with a popular and well-known café in order to make the centre a popular meeting point within the city.

Leasing strategy: DEAS came up with an ambitious leasing strategy for the centre in order to carry out the revitalisation. The centre would gain a large new key tenant within the grocery sector, and a number of new tenants to supplement the existing mix of retail types. There was a great focus on the new tenants being able to complement the market area of the centre and having the commercial strength to ensure increased customer flow to the centre.

The work on attracting the right types of store was performed quickly and in an extremely focused way, in order to end a long period of empty tenancies. This work bore fruit and during the summer and autumn of 2016, five new shops opened. The centre gained a 1,755 m² grocery store KIWI+, which, together with the existing REMA 1000, constitutes a strong anchor for the centre. During the same period, Normal, Frihedens Apotek, a nice new Imerco and Café A also opened. In 2017, the KIWI+ lease was taken over by Netto, who chose to move from another location into the centre.

The extremely popular Café A was established as part of the Hvidovre C façade on Hvidovrevej. In order to open up the centre towards the city, a large outdoor serving area was established.

Building consultancy: Throughout the process, DEAS was also involved as a building consultant and was, among other things, responsible for project planning and building management on behalf of a number of the new tenants in the centre, as well as coordinating the design and refurbishment of the rental properties.


Today, Hvidovre C is an attractive and modern city centre with a very high occupancy rate.

The new store concepts complement the existing mix of shops and they have significantly improved the centre’s brand, customer flow and attractiveness. The number of visitors increased from 112,000 in October 2016 to 144,000 in October 2017, and there was an increase in turnover of 20% during the same period.

The new café has opened the centre up to the city and has contributed to the centre’s commercial importance, as well as gived the city and centre a cosy and vibrant meeting point in Hvidovre.


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Center Management
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Center Management - Leasing
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