Olof Palmes Allé

Olof Palmes Allé 27-33 in North Aarhus is owned by PKA. The property consists of 5 blocks of flats with 87 apartments dispersed over approximately 8,100 m2. The property was built in 2013 by JCN Housing on a turnkey contract with PKA as the owner.



For this project, PKA, the owner, wanted to use DEAS as technical building advisor to ensure that the chosen solutions were optimised for operation in every way.  

PKA also requested that DEAS quality-assure the architectural solutions so the apartment plans in particular were designed to be as usable as possible, thereby achieving the greatest opportunities for letting.  

PKA requested DEAS as the supervisors during execution to ensure the best possible quality of work and that payments adhered to the stages of construction. DEAS took part in the review of shortcomings, ensuring that the tenants could take over flawless rental homes.


Building consultancy Putting into operation Operation and maintenance

When DEAS performs building consultancy, the moving in and subsequent management, the client achieves a unique service in which all facets are planned together. 

It’s a great advantage to the client to have all technical services performed by DEAS, as knowledge can often be lost during handovers from external technical advisors to day-to-day operations by a manager. This way, the cost of warranty reparations is minimised, and the addressing of clients’ needs happens quickly and accurately.  

DEAS typically performs building consultancy until the five-year review is completed in these cases, thus taking care of any shortcomings that may appear.


DEAS’ involvement in all phases of the project has given PKA an operation-optimised, long-term and overall Life Cycle Costing (LCC) solution.


Kristian Slaarup Kongstad

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