Rådhusvænget, a cooperatively-owned housing association in Kastrup near Copenhagen, has been a customer of DEAS since 1986. Rådhusvænget has a Premium solution. The property was constructed in 1930 and consists of 54 flats.


Rådhusvænget is an association with a proactive approach to operation and maintenance and they wish to maintain a stable ownership value and low rent in the association.

The association therefore needs a partner who can assist with the day-to-day operation, and also manage large building projects and handle the planning of the property's operation and maintenance.

The association wishes to have a personal contact person, who protects the association's interests.


Property management Operation and maintenance Building projects

DEAS assists the association with everything from the day-to-day administration to advice concerning building projects, insurance and remortgaging. DEAS also attends budget meetings in the association and undertakes the annual building reviews, when the year's maintenance projects are planned.

DEAS also serves as client advisor to the association and handles the dialogue with suppliers for a number of large building projects. This includes the replacement of all windows and doors, and repointing of the façade.

As the association has chosen a Premium solution, most of the services are already part of the association's solution, and the rest are acquired at a discount.


The continued cooperation between DEAS and Rådhusvænget for almost 30 years has contributed to the association's sound finances and ensured a healthy association with a stable operation and maintenance.

With DEAS as its advisor, the association avoided having to spend resources on managing large building projects, and the association could be confident that the projects were completed successfully, within budget.

DEAS has a fixed team of employees who are familiar with the association and its board, ensuring the customer the best possible cooperation.