With its location in the centre of Hillerød in North Sealand, SlotsArkaderne is extremely attractive to shoppers, both locally and regionally. The centre was built in 1992 and is owned by Danske Shoppingcentre P/S. The centre has a total area of 24,000 m² divided into offices and 60 stores and it attracts 5.5 million customers annually. SlotsArkaderne is one of the 16 shopping centres operated and developed by DEAS on behalf of Danske Shoppingcentre P/S.

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SlotsArkaderne is an important shopping destination for the people of Hillerød and North Sealand. The centre has undergone a positive development in recent years and is now almost fully leased.


The Centre’s regional appeal was growing and SlotsArkaderne was experiencing an increasing number of visitors. Thus the centre needed an expansion. Several options were explored and the ideal solution was found in 2015, when Danske Shoppingcentre P/S was able to buy Slotsgade 25, an attractive property neighbouring the centre, with direct links to the pedestrianised area. The acquired property was now to be developed and integrated into the existing centre.


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DEAS prepared an expansion plan with a clear vision of incorporating Slotsgade 25 as part of SlotsArkaderne, thereby integrating it more fully with the centre and the city’s pedestrianised environment. 

The plan also set out a clear ambition to bring in several new store concepts, including strengthening the fashion and restaurant sectors, in order to support the centre’s regional popularity and improve the overall customer experience in the centre.

In the new part of the centre, which has a large storefront facing the pedestrianised zone, the placement of a popular key tenant will help increase the centre’s pull to shoppers.

SlotsArkaderne already had a great desire to strengthen the position of one of the centre’s key tenants, H&M, who in its previous lease only had room for a small part of their full range, namely women’s fashion. Therefore, a larger H&M, with a full range of women’s fashion, men’s fashion and children’s clothes was part of the plans for the expansion of SlotsArkaderne. And since H&M was already a popular key tenant in the centre, it was a clear choice to put the new H&M in the new part of the centre, with a façade facing the pedestrianised zone. 

As part of the plan, there was a desire to move Flying Tiger Copenhagen, previously at Slotsgade 25, into the centre, so the mix of stores in the centre was boosted by a clear value for money concept. Another item on the wish list was to give the centre a strong new café concept, appealing to both families and younger and older customers in the centre.

In addition to the shopping areas, SlotsArkaderne contains 50 attractive residences on top of the centre. In connection with the expansion, an additional 13 youth homes will be added, centrally located close to the pedestrianised zone and at the heart of the town’s café and shopping area.

The rebuild of Slotsgade 25 and the shops within the centre has been carried out after careful and detailed planning. This will ensure that the Centre’s operations are as little affected as possible during the rebuilding process and that both customers and tenants experience as little disruption as possible.


In November 2016, after an extensive period of consulting with the affected tenants, DEAS announced the expansion of SlotsArkaderne with a 2,000 m² H&M store selling a full range of items. Similarly, the café Dalle Valle would open a 400 m² café in the autumn of 2017 and Flying Tiger Copenhagen would open a new store inside the centre.

The refurbishment of SlotsArkaderne is in progress and is expected to be completed during the autumn of 2018, with the opening of the new H&M store. This expansion and improvement of the mix of shops in the centre, particularly within fashion and dining, will improve the position and attractiveness of SlotsArkaderne as a regional shopping destination in North Sealand.

Similarly, closer integration between the centre and the city will help to create flow and cohesion between the centre and the pedestrianised area in the city centre, and at the same time improve the centre’s commercial position in the city centre.


Finn Sture Madsen

Center Management
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