With its central location in Slagelse city centre, Vestsjællandscentret is in a strong position as both city centre and regional centre. The centre is owned by Danske Shoppingcentre P/S and was built in 1969. The centre has a total rental area of 20,000 m² spread over 53 shops and 18 office leases. DEAS operates and develops a portfolio of 16 shopping centres on behalf of Danske Shoppingcentre P/S, including Vestsjællandscentret.

Danske Shoppingcentre P/S


When DEAS took over the management of Vestsjællandscentret in the summer of 2015, the centre was in the midst of a major architectural modernisation and rebuilding project, which DEAS inherited the responsibility to complete.

The ambition was to create a bright and modern centre, closely integrated with the city. There was a need for an effective leasing plan to improve the mix of shops in the centre, and the rebuild project also made an optimisation of the leasing area possible, which would complement the modernisation of the Vestsjællandscenter.


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The extensive modernisation and rebuilding work involved changing the centre’s main square, entrances, façades, technical installations and surfaces, to create an attractive and welcoming centre with wooden slats, large glass windows and bright colours. 

Leasing strategy

In parallel with the reconstruction work, DEAS was preparing a leasing strategy for Vestsjællandscentret, prioritising the optimisation of the leasing area and improving the mix of retail formats in the centre, as well as creating a distinctive shopping destination with clear synergy between the centre and the city. 

Part of the leasing strategy was to attract strong new store concepts to the centre, with a particular focus on dining, fashion and value for money concepts. The extensive conversion and modernisation project also gave rise to the opportunity of optimising a number of leases, both in terms of changes of area and of location, making room for a number of new exciting tenants. 

A vision of an inspiring town square

The centre square was a key element in the rebuilding of the centre. The vision for the new 1,500 m² Atrium Square was to create a stylish and inspiring town square full of light and life with a combination of cafés and shops to serve as a meeting point for the whole city. 

With a 170 m² glass roof, the area was exposed to daylight, giving customers the feeling of being out in the open. 

In addition, existing shops received façades facing the square and underwent an upgrade with new lighting and modern interiors.


As a result of an efficient leasing process, the modernised Vestsjællandscenter has increased its dining options with attractive concepts in the new square area, such as Dalle Valle, Baresso, Sushimania and the Smash juice bar. The centre relocated the popular café Kok Amok to a new location facing Jernbanegade, with space to create a cosy outdoor serving area. In this way, the centre created a natural flow to Schweizerpladsen, the main square in Slagelse.

In addition to the new dining concepts, the variety of retail concepts in the centre was further improved with 10 popular stores, including Normal, Deichmann, Pieces, Intersport and Skechers. 

Improved and expanded position

With an improved commercial brand, an optimised shopping experience for customers and a significantly increased attractiveness in the region, the modern and bright Vestsjællandscentret was ready for its grand opening in October 2015.

DEAS has built on the position and dominance of Vestsjællandscentret in the market and has managed to exploit its huge growth potential, particularly in terms of the region. 

Measured by the increase in turnover, it is clear that Vestsjællandscentret has strengthened its position as a regional centre, especially in the dining sector.


Finn Sture Madsen

Center Management
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