Asset Management

Let us put your strategy into practice and together create strong returns from active management.

We execute on the basis of the mandate we are assigned by the customer. We work proactively to optimise the portfolio. We can find good investment opportunities, provide strong advisory services and execute the customer's real estate projects, including development.

Strong returns require active management

With the backing of the DEAS Group, DEAS Asset Management can meet all of the customer’s asset management requirements and execute professionally across the property management value chain.

  Property administration ensures stable operation, administration and contact with tenants.
  Asset management ensures maximum value creation from a property/portfolio, based on the mandate from the investor.

We are specialists when it comes to developing properties and property portfolios, and can present documented results. We manage asset management mandates for Danish and international institutional investors, funds and family-owned companies.

AIFM-approved cooperation partner

DEAS Asset Management A/S undertakes the DEAS Group’s asset management activities and is approved as a manager of alternative investment funds (AIFM) by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. We can thus serve customers who are subject to the AIFM legislation.

The company also has an extended AIFM authorisation, so that we can also manage individual properties and portfolios for investors that are not subject to AIFM legislation, and also undertake investment advisory services.


Benny Buchardt Andersen

DEAS Asset Management
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Asset Management cases at DEAS.

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