Cooperation with investors

DEAS has a strategic approach to asset management based on the following process, which is adapted to the individual property or portfolio.


  • Phase 1: Project creation – Origination and investment

    1. Identification of investment opportunities in the real estate market
    2. Investment analysis and valuation
    3. Planning and performance of due diligence
    4. Submission of indicative and final offers
    5. Execution of the investment transaction

  • Phase 2: Investment

    2a: Preparation of business plan

    1. Financial planning
    2. Action plan for the first 100 days of the investment/business plan startup
    3. Well-defined performance targets with KPI´s 
    4. Operational strategy – how to implement the business plan
    5. Determination of exit strategy

    2b: Development of reporting

    1. Individual reporting for each development property
    2. Identification of KPIs
    3. Implementation of portfolio reporting

  • Phase 3: Execution – scenarios

    3a: Identification of areas for optimisation

    1. Identification and implementation of savings
    2. Identification of opportunities for conversion, e.g. from commercial to residential, and implementation of these if the IRR can be improved
    3. Renegotiation of rents where possible

    3b: Reduction of vacancies

    1. Upgrading of buildings and individual leases to increase demand
    2. Focus on letting strategy for each property
    3. Modernisation and fitting out
    4. Establish cooperation with market-leading estate agents

    3c: Identification of development opportunities

    1. Negotiations on permits with public authorities
    2. Negotiations with contractors and consultants
    3. Ongoing follow-up in the construction phase
    4. Handover of the completed project to the tenant for operation or sale to the owner/investor

  • Phase 4: Exit and winding up of investment

    1. Planning and final winding up of the investment
    2. Termination of asset management agreement or fund structure
    3. Liquidation of legal structure


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