All of your asset management needs can be met.

Our asset management services are extensive. Below is a selection of the services within which our team of specialists can provide advice.

The customer can select the entire package or purchase services as needed. The customer defines the mandate as the basis for DEAS Asset Management’s execution.

  • Investment management

    • Sourcing acquisitions and divestments
    • Strategic advice
    • Portfolio strategy
    • Market analyses
    • Execution of purchase and sale of properties
    • Negotiation
    • Management of due diligence
    • Preparation of recommendations
    • Advising on commercial due diligence
    • Preparation of business plan for investment
    • Valuations
    • Verify and validate investment decisions
    • Advise on financing, including capital structure
    • Tax optimisation
  • Asset management

    • Define the mandate in cooperation with the customer
    • Preparation and execution of business plan
    • Negotiation and dialogue with tenants
    • Reporting
    • Handling of alternative development on any deviation from the business plan’s base case
    • Marketing strategy
    • Operations optimisation
    • Negotiation with subcontractors
    • Recommendations
    • Management of steering groups/boards behind properties/companies
  • Development

    • Conversion/new construction budgeting
    • Project design
    • Construction management
    • Negotiation of turnkey contract
    • Ensure time, quality, economy and handover of the construction project
    • Risk mitigation in relation to construction
    • Ensure compliance with budgets and alternative development on deviation from budget
    • Local plan development and dialogue with authorities
    • Building permits
    • Ongoing reporting on time, quality and economy during construction


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