Our services in asset management are extensive. A sample of the services that our team of specialists advise on is given below:

  • Origination

    Attractive properties are a scarce resource in the investment market. For this reason, we are constantly on the lookout for potential on/off market investment opportunities in Danish real estate. DEAS’ extensive client portfolio enables us to present investment opportunities before they hit the wider market. We are in close dialogue with real estate agents and advisors In respect to portfolios and properties for sale, and we prepare our own analyses as a supplement official tender documents early on in the process.
  • Acquisition

    When the investment opportunity has been identified, we can contribute to all phases of the investment process. We carry out  the preliminary analysis and pricing and throughout the due diligence phase, including commercial, legal and technical due diligence. We  handle the practical execution of an investment, from the indicative bid to signing and closing. DEAS has most of the skills in-house, but we can also work with external advisors on legal and technical due diligence. 
    In the course of investment planning, we assist in preparing business plans and obtaining external funding as required.
  • Ongoing portfolio optimisation

    As Denmark’s largest property management company, we have extensive knowledge of all essential aspects of the practical operation of real estate, both technical and commercial. This provides a solid starting point and benchmark for optimising the operation of properties.
    DEAS plays a significant role as buyer, making purchases on behalf of our clients. Due to the volume, we achieve favorable price agreements that benefit the individual client.
  • Tailored client reporting

    DEAS delivers professional and tailored reporting within the agreed time frames. We start off with the standard reporting we know professional investors demand, and then adapt it to the individual client’s specific needs and wishes. We have systematised our approach to reporting and created effective processes so the client experiences a high degree of precision. We want our reporting to provide knowledge and create value for all our clients. Our reporting includes: Executive summary, debt overview, financials, KPI snapshot, stress test, market conditions and information.
  • Ongoing risk management of portfolios

    We prepare monthly and quarterly risk reports for the internal management of our clients’ portfolios. Here we focus on the client’s key value drivers, as well as on factors which could push a property portfolio off course in relation to the adopted investment strategy. We also prepare semi annual  stress tests, where the sensitivity of the portfolio to debt-service coverage ratio (DSCR), loan-to-value (LtV) and other key parameters are tested. The client naturally has digital access to all this if they so wish. The risk management is based on the legal standards for alternative investment funds (AIFs).
  • Investment advice

    DEAS provides investment research and advice according to the guidelines set by our clients. The starting point is naturally the properties and portfolios, and we draw on the extensive knowledge base gathered over many years as Denmark’s leading property manager.
  • Project development

    We have broad experience in the field of project development – both on commercial, legal and technical issues. We have good access to the planning authorities in most municipalities and can push development cases through efficiently. If so needed we can even prepare local plans in close cooperation with the planning authorities al the way through to the political approval process. Finally, we can implement development and conversion project either in cooperation with the investor or independently based on a commonly prepared business plan.
  • Financial analysis

    We can assist clients in building financial models for individual properties orportfolios and further help with analyses, including portfolio and scenario analyses, if the client so wishes.


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