Letting in shopping centres

DEAS also handles letting in shopping centres.

Once DEAS finds new tenants, DEAS always focuses on making centres increasingly more attractive and optimising the product range, among others, by co-operating with stores that are most suitable for the individual centres.

DEAS manages and lets out the following shopping centres:

Click and find facts and contact information for leasing managers under each individual centre.

Amager Centret


City Vest

Copenhagen Designer Outlet

Frederiksberg Centret


Glostrup Shoppingcenter

Helsingør Bycenter

Hovedbanens Shoppingcenter

Hvidovre C

Ishøj Bycenter

Kolding Storcenter

Lyngby Storcenter

Nørrebro Bycenter

Randers Storcenter




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DEAS manages some of the largest shopping centres in Denmark alongside a vast amount of independent retail spaces across Denmark.

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