DEAS are specialists in commercial letting, as it is a prerequisite for an effective and satisfactory administration.

Our size and seniority plays a crucial role here, since our volume makes us an attractive partner in the lettings field.

DEAS takes care of letting all kinds of properties – both housing and commercial properties. We have in this context, to the housing market, developed the letting portal findbolig.nu, which is an effective tool in the letting process, and which helps to keep idling to a minimum. Findbolig.nu therefore has a strong position in the market, just as the time-to-market is reduced considerably, as findbolig.nu shares premises with DEAS.

DEAS also handles the waiting list management via findbolig.nu, which guarantees an efficient management of the letting process and a good service those preferentially entitled and tenants on the free market.

First-time letting

DEAS has extensive experience, and we always work effectively with the goal of full renting, when the property is put into service, in order to prevent rent default. We enter into the process early on and with our experience in renting, construction and letting markets, we know what it takes to achieve the goal.

We can also guarantee a pleasant and smooth co-operation between DEAS and tenants, and with our many years of experience in property management we ensure the tenant a good start in his/her new housing.

Letting of commercial leases

DEAS offers professional advice through DEAS ' business brokerage, DEAS Erhverv, who let business premises – both office and domicile properties, industrial and manufacturing properties, the commercial letting of retail shops and centre properties-across the country. DEAS Erhverv are also specialists in buying, sale and assessment of investment properties.


Our services include:

  • Sale of investment properties
  • Sale of properties such as sale & leaseback
  • Sales of commercial properties
  • Letting of commercial leases
  • Assessment of investment properties and commercial properties
  • Representation of the buyer or tenant at the solicitation of investment or user properties
  • Ad hoc time-based advice


Maivi Herup

Bolig, Udlejning
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Peer Arvid Jensen

Senior erhvervschef
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Jacobsens Have was entirely rented out ahead of occupancy.

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