Property Management

DEAS is Denmark's largest when it comes to property management.

We have the longest and most extensive experience on the market. DEAS is distinguished by our ability to create interaction between the many services that we have organised in specialties. Benefits can be anything from the central core benefits within property management to deeply specialised services. DEAS has strived to be able to deliver completely in both depth and width, which is reflected in our size.

Property management is the core of DEAS

It was here that we started, and it is usually the starting point for many of the collaborations, we have with property investors.

As a professional property administrator of all types of investment properties, which both contain housing, office, warehouse/logistics and stores/retail, we solve a variety of different tasks, such as:

  • Collection and regulation of rent, notification of rent increases and the reminder procedures
  • Control and payment of invoices and fixed expenses
  • Payment of wages to employees
  • Bookkeeping and reconciliation
  • Preparation for drafting annual accounts
  • Preparation of budgets and budget audits, and submissions for valuation
  • Drafting water, electricity, heating and operating accounts
  • Drafting of leases
  • Continuous supervision of the property and maintenance planning
  • Dialogue with and servicing of tenants
  • Moving in and moving out inspections and moving out settlements

Attention to tenant satisfaction

It is our ambition, that both our clients and tenants experience a high level of satisfaction with the benefits and services they receive. Therefore, DEAS performs tenant satisfaction surveys for all moving in and moving outs and regularly measures customer satisfaction.


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Efficient management, operation and maintenance at Sandbakken.

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DEAS is a member of the business organisation Ejendomsforeningen Danmark.

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