Administration solutions for private investors

We have combined our many services into three clear solutions - DEAS Basis, Plus and Premium.

You get the solution which best matches your requirements. Whether you need the most basic administration level, or require a full-service solution.

We take care of day-to-day administration, as well as ongoing contact with tenants and partners, and we run your investment properties as though they were our own. You decide the extent to which you are involved. You have one fixed contact, who knows you and your investment properties.

Effective and secure administration

DEAS is a professional partner with substantial experience in all areas of property management.

The three solutions in short: 

DEAS Basis

If you need the most important administration services. You can always opt for extra services should the need arise.

A simple solution which gives you the security of a professional partner.


If you require a financial overview of the property, without having to consider its day-to-day operation.

DEAS Plus is a professional solution which makes it easy for you to delegate day-to-day administration while maintaining an overview of the property's finances.

DEAS Premium

If you require a complete solution which covers all of the property's administration and operational requirements, and if you also require continuous development and optimisation of your property.

A full-service solution that gives you full security and utilisation of your property's development potential.

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