Technical building consultancy

The ability to be able to put ourselves in the customer's place and optimise the value, is the prerequisite for our services within building consultancy.

DEAS is experiencing an increasing need for a single point of contact and a unique accountability, which we have taken as a consequence of our end-to-end offerings within building consultancy. This overall advice and the subsequent implementation of what has been agreed is a business area with a large focus of DEAS, and it expresses our desire to inject an additional advisory and service related value to our customers

As a customer of DEAS, can you receive building consultancy, which optimizes the value of the property when constructing housing and commercial properties and developing existing properties.

We use our extensive experience in the property development as well as the subsequent operation and maintenance, and we of course always put your interests first, from concept to finished handing over of an operationally optimised and future-proof construction.

DEAS thinks in wholes. With DEAS' long-standing expertise from previous projects, you get a co-operative partner, who has a deep and thorough knowledge of all the technical, architectural, legal, financial and commercial opportunities that present themselves, and DEAS knows all the pitfalls. It gives you the security of a well thought through result.
  • New property

    DEAS can also help in the transition between construction and putting into service – by putting newly built properties into operation and having contractor repairs of various faults and deficiencies carried out.

    Experience makes perfect. DEAS has numerous newly built projects as a reference, which has provided a very broad and deep insight into the conditions, one must be diligent about in connection with the construction of a new property.

    When we consider the future operation and maintenance into the planning from the start, we can manage the lease size and layout, so that you get the greatest possible assurance that the leased properties will be attractive and thus can be let out quickly and at the expected rent.

  • Existing property

    DEAS also carries out the actual execution of the development of existing properties. Based on the initial planning, DEAS performs a final development delivery that corresponds to expectations.

    When DEAS acts as an advisor in development projects, we offer to draft proposals and the basis for decision-making within all technical, legal, financial and letting related areas. We put together a project group, which identifies and relates to all aspects of the current construction project. And always with a single contact point, which you can safely refer to.

  • All the fine print

    We take care of the investigation of regulatory matters, including zoning, land use and fire conditions and an overview of the amount of land that can be included for housing.

    We ensure that the property's technical installations, heating, electricity, drainage and ventilation systems are in a legal position and in such a good condition, that the property's total maintenance level and possible future requirements for extraordinary maintenance are minimised. It is this focus on details that determine DEAS' customer satisfaction, and therefore you as a customer experience a very high degree of fussiness.

  • Investment advice

    DEAS’ advises within all aspects of trade in investment properties – both if you are buying or selling. In co-operation with our customers we have implemented a large number of deals and therefore know the process, possibilities and pitfalls. The complexity of the sales or purchase process is handled professionally by our experienced team, which has its own processes, thus ensuring a fast and smooth transaction. DEAS has in-house specialists in the field of valuation and legal matters, which makes the processing time fast and the process easy for you as a customer.


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