Public-Private Partnership

An PPP project is the ultimate test. Or vote of confidence.

Here DEAS has full responsibility for operation and maintenance for up to 30 years. It requires a very special ability to project and forecast – and to know which actions must be planned within operation and maintenance. And when you have responsibility for 30 years, it's hard to get around, as the quality dimension in every detail of a building means a lot. In popular terms DEAS puts all competency areas into play at one time and stress tests over 30 years.

It requires a high level of expertise, and the first PPP project in Denmark is also under DEAS' administration. We create peace of mind and a very good overview of total economy by drawing up plans for operation and maintenance right down to the smallest detail. That is why DEAS also achieved the ability to build both a hospital, a school and a courthouse.

Since the introduction of public-private partnership (PPP) in Denmark DEAS has been the front runner, and DEAS is now the market leader.  DEAS has won nine projects and is co-owner of five PPP operating companies responsible for operation and maintenance.

DEAS is one of the country's leading PPP specialists with the greatest knowledge and most experience. And DEAS' co-operative partners are among the most experienced and professional.

At the agreed time

All projects, DEAS has participated in, have been delivered at the agreed time and agreed price, and DEAS has only received positive feedback from the public parties and users.

Overall solutions

DEAS' experience from multiple PPP projects shows that the innovative approach in connection with the genesis of the project and the close dialogue between all parties in the project execution and operational phases is helping to create a co-operation based on qualified, long-term and total economic total solutions between the public party and private party.

DEAS' responsibilities in the PPP project:

  • We offer qualified advice based on the drafting of a well-documented basis for decision making for identification, quantification and allocation of significant risks and their interaction in the project.
  • We contribute to the assessment of the optimal strategy for the implementation of the project.
  • We evaluate and render visible what buildings and/or plants will cost in total operation and maintenance throughout the contract period through the drafting of detailed operating and maintenance plans.
  • We understand the building management throughout the entire building phase.
  • We take care of the subsequent operation and maintenance.
  • We take care of management of the PPP company.


Lars Olaf Larsen

Offentlig-Privat Partnerskab (OPP)
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Erik Wulf Bundesen

Teknik, Bygherrerådgivning, bygherre & driftsrådgi
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DEAS has participated in several PPP projects.

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