Press release April 24 2023

DEAS Group Announces Historic Results

2022’s financial report marks a crucial and historic moment for DEAS Group with a ‘satisfying’ result in spite of an international crisis as the cooperation looks into a more diverse and digital strategy for 2023 for further growth.

DEAS Group achieved a 17.5% increase in revenue in 2022 compared to 2021. Revenue amounted to €122.7 million compared to €104.5 million in 2021, and EBITDA increased by 32%. This corresponds to an EBITDA margin of 11.5% of revenue, compared to 5.5% in 2021.

The 2022 financial report also marks the first full financial year for Group CEO Rikke Lykke, who took office in August 2021. DEAS Group has identified new opportunities and developed innovative solutions, lifting a range of new initiatives and measures that have made the company one of the most innovative in the real estate industry.

We consider this year's result satisfactory. Since the first quarter of last year, we have been in a difficult market with war in Ukraine, high inflation, and rising interest rates. DEAS Group is committed to delivering the best possible service to our investors and tenants. And we will continue to strive for ambitious development,

says Rikke Lykke.

Continuing to secure progress for DEAS Group is, among other things, to attract and maintain diversity and diversity in the workforce.

We believe that diversity is a key to innovation and growth, and therefore we have a strong focus on recruiting and retaining employees from different backgrounds and demographics as well as with different skills, expertise, and perspectives. In 2023, we will focus on diversity as a crucial factor for innovation, nuance, and dynamics,

says Rikke Lykke.

ESG Report 2022: Social and environmental initiatives drive DEAS Group forward

DEAS Group also launches the company's CSR report for 2022, which also shows progress on several metrics. And in several areas, the company has achieved goals several years ahead of time.

This is the third year we report on ESG metrics at DEAS Group, and we are proud that we have actually achieved several of our goals already in 2022. It has been a pleasure to follow all our talented colleagues contribute to creating value for our investors and tenants while also addressing social and environmental challenges,

says Rikke Lykke.

In 2022, DEAS Group focused on Social Impact, among other things, through its partnership in RealCare - a nonprofit organization created by actors in the real estate industry - and now offers all employees to use a fully paid working day per year for voluntary work of their choice. This gives DEAS Group's employees the opportunity to contribute a total of three full-time equivalents of voluntary work.

In 2022, DEAS Group also focused on a range of initiatives in energy reduction and biodiversity, among which the company established its own team offering advice on biodiversity and developed a biodiversity index measuring the effect of projects promoting biodiversity.

In collaboration with investors, the company is working on certifications as a tool to reduce energy consumption. In 2022, the partners achieved that 12.4% of the square meters managed by DEAS Group were certified according to internationally recognized standards such as DGNB, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and BREEAM. The goal was 10% by 2025.

Read more about DEAS Group's strategy for sustainability, specific goals, and areas of focus in the CSR report for 2022.

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