How to invoice

Electronic invoicing

DEAS has transitioned to electronic invoicing, which means suppliers can submit invoices and credit to our EAN/GLN number using the OIOUBL invoice format.

DEAS' EAN/GLN number: 5790002305504

Note that PO numbers are required or the invoice will not be paid.

Payment service BS, PBS and BS +

Invoices already registered in a payment service, PBS or BS+ must not be changed to e-invoicing.

Benefits of e-invoicing

DEAS has transitioned to electronic invoicing because it saves time and money for DEAS and our suppliers while also reducing paper waste for a better environment.

E-invoicing eliminates manual processes, which reduces mistakes. Senders benefit because e-invoices arrive rapidly and securely, expediting payment without unnecessary delays.

E-invoicing benefits both us and your.

How to submit an e-invoice

There are several ways to submit an e-invoice. The easiest way is to send it via your own accounting system, which is a feature most systems have.

If your accounting system does not have a feature to send e-invoices, other options are available.

DEAS invoice portal

DEAS invoice portal: - available free of charge, is for DEAS suppliers only.

To use the portal:.

  1. Register as a supplier the first time you use the portal

  2. Log into the portal and enter your invoice on the form

  3. Save and send the invoice - the portal automatically formats the invoice correctly

Other options

Websites are available that charge a fee to create electronic invoices that are sent to DEAS in the correct format.

Other services scan paper invoices or pdf files for a fee before sending them electronically in the correct format to DEAS.

Remember to check the cost before using these options. Using these solutions is at your own risk.


How to Invoice

Questions about e-invoicing

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

PO number

E-invoices and credit sent to DEAS must include a PO number to ensure that the right person can approve the invoice for services rendered.

If the number is incorrect, our system may reject the invoice. For this reason suppliers must ensure that they have the right PO number.

Generate a PO number

Generate a PO number

To generate a PO, enter the address (street name only, omit the number) and the type of work completed.

The person who requisitioned the goods/services can also provide the correct PO number. If you are in doubt about the number, please contact this person.

Three types of PO numbers

PO numbers always start with a W which stands for workflow and a number indicating the type of service provided followed by either F, L or S and an additional number:

  • WxxFxx-xx (property number)

  • WxxLxx-xx-xx (property number and lease number)

  • WxxSxxxxxxxx (case number, e.g. construction and insurance)

*) PO number must be written with hyphens (-) and not spaces.


How to Invoice

Handy checklist

For smooth and timely payment, remember to include all required information on your invoice.

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