How to invoice

Electronic invoicing

DEAS only accepts electronic invoices.

Please submit invoices and credit notes to our EAN/GLN number using the OIOUBL invoice format.

EAN/GLN number: 5790002305504

Would you like this information in Danish?

For a Danish guide to invoicing, please use the link below.

Checklists for invoicing

The required information for invoices varies depending on whether you are invoicing work or goods to DEAS directly or invoicing work or goods for a specific property managed by DEAS.

Please see our checklists for a quick overview of the information required.

PO numbers

All E-invoices and credit notes must include a PO number. If the PO number is incorrect, our system will reject the invoice.

Invoices for DEAS directly always have the same PO number. Find the number in the checklist. Invoices for specific properties have a PO number associated with each individual property.

Use our PO number generator to create the correct number for the specific property.

Submitting an e-invoice

Most modern accounting systems enables you to send invoices directly to DEAS using your own accounting system.

If your accounting system does now have such a feature, other options are available online.

Several websites can create e-invoices in the correct format. Additionally available software can scan paper invoices and PDF files and convert them into e-invoices in the right format.

DEAS invoice portal

Regular suppliers to DEAS can use the DEAS invoice portal for easy invoicing:

  1. Register as a supplier the first time you use the portal

  2. Log into the portal and enter your invoice on the form

  3. Save and send the invoice - the portal automatically formats the invoice correctly

Payment service BS, PBS and BS +

Invoices already registered in a payment service, PBS or BS+ must not be changed to e-invoicing.


How to Invoice

Still unsure about invoicing DEAS?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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