Press release March 2 2023

Experienced partners to build Denmark's largest public-private partnership property

New headquarter for the Danish Defense Intelligence Servic
PensionDanmark, MT Højgaard Holding Group, and DEAS Group have won the competition to construct and operate a new headquarter for the Danish Defense Intelligence Service (Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste). The project has a budget of over DKK 2 billion.

It is a historic task awarded to PensionDanmark, MT Højgaard Holding Group, and DEAS Group.

The experienced actors have won the task of constructing the new headquarters of the Danish Defense Intelligence Service (FE) after a national competition. With a budget of over DKK 2 billion, Denmark's largest public-private partnership (PPP) is currently a significant investment in national security.

FE is a high-tech and knowledge-based organization with unique tasks which place high demands on our future headquarters, which must take into account a very high level of security and special requirements for infrastructure. At the same time, the building's expression, design, and quality must offer modern and attractive surroundings for the many new employees we are hiring. This project meets all our requirements for a new headquarters for FE. We look forward to gathering most employees under one roof when the building is completed,

says Svend Larsen, acting chief of the Danish Defense Intelligence Service. The construction funding is provided by Denmark's most significant labour market pension company, PensionDanmark, which has positioned itself as a pioneer in both PPP investments and investments aimed at defence.

Denmark's security is a task for the entire society. As one of Denmark's most prominent builders, we want to contribute to ensuring that FE has modern surroundings that support preventing threats to Denmark's security as best as possible. And with this project, we combine the desire to use our skills to create value for society with a return on our members' pension savings,

says Torben Möger Pedersen, CEO of PensionDanmark.

MT Højgaard Danmark will carry out the construction of the new headquarters as a general contractor, who has created the winning competition project in collaboration with the other parties.

We are proud to be entrusted with this vital task in close collaboration with other talented and experienced actors. We look forward to drawing on our expertise in building headquarters in the contractor business and contributing to the operating task based on our project developers' many years of experience in the field,

says Henrik Mielke, CEO of MT Højgaard Holding.

The award also includes a long-term operating agreement for the new headquarters. The responsibility for the daily operation on the property will be handled by DEAS Group as the operating company, jointly owned by the DEAS Group and MT Højgaard Property Development. It is a great pleasure for us to collaborate strongly with PensionDanmark, MT Højgaard Holding Group, and the Danish Defense Intelligence Service in Denmark's largest PPP project in history. We are starting a collaboration over the next 30 years, focusing on holistic solutions to achieve a high-quality building with the highest security standards - now and for many years to come. We have over 20 years of experience with PPPs, which forms the foundation for DEAS Group to add the right skills and knowledge,

says Rikke Lykke, Group CEO of DEAS Group.

The new headquarters is expected to be ready for use on July 1, 2027.

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