DGNB Certifications

Secure your property portfolio's future with a DGNB certification

With the upcoming EU taxonomy introducing new documentation requirements for sustainable investments, there is a heightened interest in being able to demonstrate results within the area.

In the future, certification is expected to encompass a significant portion of the anticipated criteria for labeling a building as a 'sustainable investment' according to the forthcoming EU taxonomy.

Our team of skilled DGNB auditors and consultants offers to handle the entire process.

A DGNB certification helps to document various requirements, meeting the increasing demand for documented responsible properties from investors and tenants.


Auditors manage the process

Team of DGNB auditors and consultants behind our many certifications

Certifications require extensive data collection and documentation. We have a significant advantage with our in-house knowledge, ISO certification, and automated data collection.

DGNB Building in Use

A DGNB Building in Use certification is a crucial step toward reducing environmental impact and achieving sustainability goals.

The certification acts as a recognized quality stamp for existing buildings, making them more attractive for leasing purposes.

With DGNB BIU, you lay the foundation that we further build upon to enhance the property on multiple parameters.

There is also strong synergy between the certification and the EU Taxonomy for the acquisition and ownership of buildings. So for many properties, we carry out the technical climate screenings according to the Taxonomy simultaneously with the certification.

Re-certification every 3 years

Continuous process of improvement


The certification holds significant potential for improving the property's qualities—both now and in the long term—with action plans that extend up to 10 years into the future.

The plans provide an overview of all upcoming actions on the property, including actions that form the basis for recertification, which takes place at least every three years.

We conduct annual follow-ups, monitoring the building's operations to ensure responsible and optimal management, which can be documented.


DGNB certification of new buildings and extensive renovations

DEAS offers to handle the entire process

It includes collecting documentation for the property across various areas, including environmental impact, economics, the condition of the building envelope, indoor climate, and flexibility.

Sustainability House

Improving new and older buildings in a responsible manner

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