Sustainable Services

Consultancy in sustainability and environmental matters

Comprehensive consultancy and solutions

We offer comprehensive consultancy and solutions for the development and optimisation of properties and outdoor areas.

Our focus areas encompass indoor climate, energy efficiency and sustainability in both new and older buildings.

With our skilled team of engineers, energy technologists, mechanical engineers and landscape architects, we operate from our offices in Denmark in Frederiksberg, Aarhus, and Aalborg to meet the needs of investors and clients.

Our aim is to deliver sustainable, energy-efficient, reliable and long-lasting solutions. We ensure a cohesive approach throughout the entire process and create documented improvements in properties and outdoor areas, ranging from energy efficiency to biodiversity.

We also provide assistance with taxonomy, digital CO2 reporting for portfolios and much more.

Our services
Our screening method documents the results when a property’s outdoor areas and operations are restructured to focus on biodiversity.
We aim to support our investors in the digital development of their properties.
We advise on the areas that have the greatest potential for achieving financial savings on operating expenses.
Commissioning is a proactive process that creates value for both the client and the end user.
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Søren Juul Hansen
Søren Juul Hansen
Market Engineer
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