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Technical Building Consultancy

Extensive experience

What we offer

Optimize the value of your property with DEAS' technical building consultancy – a service tailored to enhance both new constructions and existing properties. Our consultancy stems from an understanding of a property owner's focus on economy, sustainability, and making the choices that ensure project success.

Our Commitment

We believe in adding further value to our customers, which is evident in our end-to-end offerings.

We use our experience in property development and operation and maintenance, ensuring your interests are prioritized from the initial concept to the final hand-in of an operationally optimized and future-proof construction.

Technical Building Consultancy

Holistic approach

With DEAS’ long-standing expertise from numerous projects, you're assured of a partner who possesses profound knowledge of all technical, architectural, legal, financial, and commercial opportunities. We know all the pitfalls and nuances, ensuring a result that's both robust and optimal.

What we offer
  • Identification of client’s goals and requirements for the project.

  • Defining the project’s scope, including budget, timeframe, and quality requirements.

  • Counseling on choosing the project organization and collaboration partners, with a special emphasis on architect, engineer, and contractor selection.

  • Assistance in preparing tender materials and contracts.

  • Guidance on tender procedures and contractor selection.

  • Assisting with negotiations and modifications to contracts with contractors and suppliers.

  • Ensuring a thorough project review with the main contractor and their subcontractors.

  • Monitoring the progress and budget of the project.

  • Coordinating various stakeholders and partners.

  • Risk management and quality control.

  • Ensuring the project complies with current standards and regulations.

  • Documenting and reporting the project’s status and results.

  • Assist the property owner during the 1 & 5-year inspections and ensure guarantees are maintained correctly.

  • Defect review with the main contractor and follow-up on defect remediation.

  • Planning and overseeing the handover, ensuring the construction is flawless upon handover.

  • Making sure the construction documentation, quality assurance procedures, commissioning protocols, and other ICT materials are delivered according to the agreement.

  • Overseeing and ensuring the commissioning process, formalizing operational responsibility through the handover/defect period.

Investment Advice

DEAS offers advice on all aspects of trade in investment properties – whether buying or selling. With in-house specialists in valuation and legal matters, we ensure a swift processing time, and a seamless experience for you.

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