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Technical Building Consultancy

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What we offer

Optimise the value of your property with technical building consultancy – both when constructing housing and commercial properties and when developing existing properties. We have extensive experience in technical building consultancy and we always put ourselves in our customers shoes. Optimising the value of your property is a primary goal of our services.

End-to-end solutions

We are experiencing an increasing need for a single point of contact and unique accountability, which we deliver with our end-to-end solutions in building consultancy. It is a business area we pay close attention to, which reflects our desire to add further value to our customers. 

We use our extensive experience in property development and operation and maintenance. Moreover, we always put your interests first, from the initial concept to the final hand-in of an operationally optimised and future-proof construction project. 

Technical Building Consultancy

Holistic approach

With DEAS' long-standing expertise from previous projects, you gain a partner with in-depth knowledge of all the technical, architectural, legal, financial, and commercial opportunities that present themselves along the way. We know all the pitfalls. This gives you the security of a well thought-out result.

What we offer

DEAS can help with the transition from construction to operation by ensuring that newly built properties are seamlessly put into service. We ensure that the contractors complete any final repairs of faults and deficiencies. Our numerous newly built projects have provided us with extensive insight into conditions requiring extra diligence about when constructing a new property. Considering future operation and maintenance needs from the start allows us to effectively handle any lease size and layout. This ensures that the properties we lease are appealing, leading to a speedy rental process at the expected rates. We are happy to provide references for newly completed projects.

Based on thorough initial planning, DEAS delivers a final result that lives up to your expectations when developing existing properties. As an advisor, we draft proposals and provide data for decision making concerning all technical, legal, financial, and letting matters. Our specially selected project group identifies and considers all aspects of your project. We also provide a single contact point for seamless communication.

We undertake all research regarding regulatory matters, including zoning, land use and fire conditions to provide you with an overview of what land can be used for housing. We ensure that the technical installations, heating, electricity, drainage and ventilation systems are up to code and in good condition to reduce future requirements for extraordinary maintenance. Our customer satisfaction is high, bolstered by our attention to detail and high level of service.

DEAS offers advice on all aspects of trade in investment properties – whether buying or selling. Jointly with our clients, our experienced team has executed innumerablecomlex buying and selling transactions, resulting in extensive knowledge about the process, possibilities and pitfalls. Our in-house specialists in valuation and legal matters ensure rapid processing and successful investment.

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